Heavenly Hummus
Heavenly Hummus

In a blender, pour in the softened Coconut Cream Concentrate, garlic - (before chopping the garlic, remember to slice the clove lengthwise and remove the center pith, especially if it is green, to avoid any bitterness!) and add cooked, drained chana dal or garbanzo beans (the chana dal makes a much more delicate tasting finished dish but the garbanzo beans are fine if you don't have the exotic handy in your pantry). Next, pour in the melted coconut oil; sprinkle the Himalayan Salt over the center, then the water.

Turn on the blender to pulse it, stopping the motor and using a rubber spatula to move the lumpy bits to the center before turning it back on and process on and off until completely smooth.

You may add lemon juice to taste if you prefer your hummus lemony. Serve immediately. If you are going to serve this later you may have to add some water to bring the hummus back to the desired consistency.

Serve as you would hummus - with vegetable crudités, corn chips, as a sandwich spread, mixed in with spaghetti and topped with lentils, or just straight from the bowl with a spoon!

If your measuring of the coconut cream concentrate is on the generous side it will be too thick and you will have to compensate with additional water.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

Recipe submitted by Francine, Ottsville, PA

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This was very good,Francine. Thanks for sharing!I was happy to find a hummus recipe w/o sesame as my son is allergic. Now that I've tried it I won't be making it just for him - he'll have to share.
# Posted By kelley | 2/25/11 6:44 PM
Oops, I forgot to say I tried it with the garbanzo beans and a nice squeeze of lemon.
# Posted By kelley | 2/25/11 6:48 PM
This is so delicious! I used roasted garlic cloves, and a touch of cayenne. I have never had this flavor combination before and my husband grees, it is Yummy!
# Posted By Janet A | 1/21/12 12:34 PM
This was the perfect hummus. It has such a good wholesome flavor. Mine came out as lighter and creamier than I ever had any other recipe. Lots of flavor. Made with the garbanzo, lemon, a touch of onion and a dash of cayenne. how will this survive refridgeration...guess I will soon find out. Can you use water to revive it after its been in the fridge?
# Posted By Diana | 9/25/12 3:31 PM

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