Preheat oven to 320 degrees.

Whip egg white till almost stiff peaks form.

While continuing to mix, add the vanilla extract and slowly add sugar. Mix in the dried shredded coconut after mixing in the sugar.

Now, melt the chocolate and fold into the coconut mixture. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto parchment paper lined baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes in preheated oven. Let cookies cool on the pan and then serve! Makes approximately 15 cookies.

Recipe submitted by Cindy, Vista, CA

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The best cookies ever!! I made them for my family for Christmas, a friends Birthday and just because they're so yummy!!
# Posted By LaShea | 12/24/09 3:23 PM
I just made these and they are amazing. Except that if you drop them by the teaspoon, you'll end up making a lot more than 15 of these. I made 40 !! So perhaps you would get 15 if you used a Tablespoon. If you do end up using Teaspoon size dollops, you'll want to cut the cooking time to just 10 minutes. Mine were burning at 12. Thanks for the great recipe!!
# Posted By Linda | 2/19/10 5:08 PM
Does anyone have any ideas for an egg free macaroon variation? My son has an egg allergy.

# Posted By Katie | 5/24/10 8:05 AM
This looks great. Would love to try it with TT's shredded coconut, which is delicious.
# Posted By Dawn | 8/5/11 11:22 AM
Hey Katie,

Maybe you could just make something more like a Mounds candy by using similar ingredients and using Coconut Oil instead of Egg Whites...

I'm ordering the shredded coconut today and I will try both.
Hope that helps. :)
# Posted By Kimberly | 8/18/11 2:33 PM
Some of the health food stores have an egg white substitute. Could that powder be liquified and whipped, like an egg white?
# Posted By Pat | 2/9/12 12:44 PM
The egg can be replaced with mixing a tablespoon of flaxseed in 3 tablespoons of water and letting it sit for about 15 minutes.
# Posted By Christel G | 11/3/13 6:12 PM

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