Preheat oven to 350.

Mash bananas well in mixer then add all other ingredients and blend well.

Place dough on a 12x16 inch jellyroll pan that's been greased generously with coconut oil. Pat out the dough into a rectangle about 1/3" thick.

Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 18 ? 20 minutes. Cool on rack 15 minutes then cut in bars. Store in air-tight container and refrigerate.

Note: Before or after baking you may brush or drizzle a generous amount of melted coconut oil on top of the bars for an extra energy boost.

Recipe submitted by Sandra, New Port Richey, FL

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This recipe makes a really tasty energy bar, I would definitely recommend adding the extra coconut oil. The bar has a soft & chewy type of texture, and has a mild flavor of the pumpkin pie spice and not too sweet. You could add honey or something to make it sweeter.

My mom fried a couple of the bars in coconut oil after they were baked, not bad. Gives them a crispy outside. :) And oh, the "dough" is not really a dough, so don't panic.
# Posted By Sarah | 12/7/08 4:40 PM
pretty good, but needs something. kind of dry too . . . thinking some maple syrup & vanilla might be helpful. i'll add more cranberries next time too.
# Posted By Jenny | 2/12/12 5:11 PM

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