Heat Waffle Iron.

Beat eggs until fluffy. Beat in remaining ingredients.

Pour 2/3 cup batter onto center of hot waffle iron. Close lid and bake about 5 minutes or until steaming stops.

Carefully remove waffle. Serve immediately topped with organic maple syrup, fresh berries and grass-fed butter.


Recipe submitted by Mary, Savoy, TX

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I just tried adding coconut oil to my favorite waffles recipe, and it turned out delicious!

If you want to try something amazing, substitute half of the flour with ground up Cheerios ( I use organic Morning O's ). This adds whole grain TOASTED oat flour, which is healthy and delicious!
# Posted By Steve | 1/6/10 3:55 PM
I actually have a question - I dont want to use the whole wheat flour - how would I substitute coconut flour? and the same for the milk we use Coconut milk instead of dairy.. what would be the ratio difference?
# Posted By Dani | 10/1/10 9:37 PM
I use coconut flour and coconut milk due to both a wheat and a cow's milk allergy. I would use 2/3 of a cup coconut flour: 1 cup wheat flour, as the coconut flour is denser, it takes less to thicken. For the milk, I usually use a 1 to 1 ratio if cream is needed or thin it a bit wit water.

Good luck!
# Posted By Kim | 10/8/10 5:04 PM
# Posted By MARY ANN W | 10/9/12 5:14 PM
I was weary of this recipe for personal reasons, first off I had terrible stomach pain after consuming coconut oil for the first time. It had nothing to do with the coconut oil but the fact that my gallbladder and liver aren't functioning properly thanks to many years of a lousy diet. On top of that I hate Maple Syrup because I did the Master Cleanse a few years ago, pretty much ruined me on Maple Syrup and lemonade. With all that said, these waffles were amazing and I used Maple Syrup for the first time in years! I look forward to becoming more healthy and being able to consume large amounts of coconut oil without it making me feel queasy. So I give this recipe 5 stars!!! The kids LOVED it as well!
# Posted By Kara | 2/16/13 9:17 PM

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