Preheat oven to 375. Grease cookie sheet(s) with extra coconut oil.

Melt oil if needed and in a large bowl stir in remaining ingredients with the oil until well blended. Place spoon sized mounds unto prepared cookie sheets and pat down slightly into bars.

Bake in preheated oven for 14-15 minutes. Don't overcook.

Recipe submitted by Virginia, Circle, MT

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What else could be used in place of chia seeds?
# Posted By christie | 7/10/08 7:53 AM
Is the texture of this bar hard and crunchy or soft and chewy?
# Posted By Mary Ann | 7/10/08 10:58 AM
I really don't think there could be a replacement. The chia is added for its gelatin like properties. It helps bind this together. The chia also has many nutritional benefits, hydration properties, omega 3, protein, digestion benefits, and more I am not thinking of right now.
# Posted By Virginia | 7/10/08 11:01 AM
When you developed this recipe Virginia, what type of sweetener did you use and what would you recommend?
# Posted By Sarah | 7/10/08 11:28 AM
Goodness, Virginia, that's a lot of coconut flour (which, I think, is really fiber and not actually a flour). I'm hesitant to use that much combined with chia seeds, also a fiber but I'll give it a try. I'm always looking for more ways to use coconut flour. Thanks!
# Posted By sandeefree | 7/10/08 12:34 PM
Are those dry chia seeds or hydrated (soaked in water - gell)?
# Posted By Billie | 7/10/08 9:53 PM
I used regular unsoaked chia seeds.

You could possibly reduce the flour. Play with the recipe to come up with the texture you like.

They should come out soft and chewy but firm.

I have used whole sugar, honey but 1/2, and xylitol (makes it low carb)
# Posted By Virginia | 7/28/08 5:03 PM
Looks good... I don't particularly like protein bars... never have, but these sound good. :)
# Posted By Miss Rachel | 10/30/09 3:44 PM
Tried this today and the bars are so delicious. My kid loved them!
# Posted By Michelle | 10/31/09 4:50 PM
this is a must try for me. not only are they gluten free they are also corn free! thank you.
# Posted By joyce | 11/2/09 8:51 AM
You're welcome! I hope you like it. :)
# Posted By Sarah | 11/2/09 12:35 PM
How do you prepare the chia seeds? Do you soak them ? or just leave them plain dry seeds?
# Posted By Julie | 11/13/09 10:08 AM
You just leave the chia seeds dry and unsoaked. If you wanted to soak them I'm sure it'd be fine. It's pretty forgiving recipe.
# Posted By Sarah | 11/13/09 12:42 PM
Sarah you are a genius! These are the best home made protein bars ever! Thank you for sharing your recipe. I made them today and I think I will be making them at least once a week......I love 'em!
# Posted By Amy | 11/25/09 9:12 PM
Flax seeds definitely have a gelitanous texture, esp if you soak them, the water left is thick and healing.
Maybe they could be a substitute for the chia seeds.
# Posted By Nancy | 12/15/09 10:34 AM
Is the cocoa powder sweetened or unsweetened? I wonder if I could use a bit of stevia for the sweetener. I have to avoid all sugars. This sounds yummy.
# Posted By Susan | 1/5/10 6:32 PM
I would like to start using more coconut flour, but my son can't have eggs and I've noticed every recipe uses a lot of eggs. Is there a good egg replacement in these recipes? Would ground flax seed work?
# Posted By Karla | 1/19/10 4:42 PM
Maybe flax seeds or ground flax could replace the chia if you don't have chia. I know that ground flax can replace egg at times for the texture/gel-forming properties.

These look great! I'm going to try them soon!!
# Posted By Diane | 1/26/10 5:01 PM
what are nutrional values of your bars? for example, if splenda is used as sweetner, or even without a sweetner?
# Posted By marie | 2/1/10 8:24 AM
has the carb count been figured out for these protein bars yet? I am a diabetic and carbs are my downfall
# Posted By Betty | 4/12/10 8:22 AM
You could always substitute flax for the chia seeds. But the flax seeds would have to be soaked for about 20-30 minutes. Chia seeds are wonderful if you have never used them. I add them as a thickener to smoothies, puddings, just about anything.
# Posted By Kathy | 4/26/10 11:46 AM
I wonder if I could use ground Salba Seeds? I think it would work......
# Posted By Marsha | 9/13/10 4:47 PM
Salba seeds are actually Chia seeds and do work the same way to provide the gelatinous texture.
# Posted By JUDY | 9/14/10 3:48 AM
Made them today ...they were soooo dry!

I followed the recipe exactly excpet for I used an extra egg, flax seeds, no protein powder and an entire cup of coconut oil.

Any thoughts on how to make these taste more moist? Additional eggs, maybe butter?

An entire cup of coconut oil wasn't enough, and the flax tasted just gross!

# Posted By Josh | 10/13/10 6:22 PM
This recipe blew me away! The taste of this recipe will exceed expectations. I made a very slight revision which was to add vanilla extract and toast the almonds and the coconut.

So far this is my favorite of your recipes submitted before. I do enjoy some of the other recipes which are just great!! But this one - WOW!!
# Posted By Tonya | 2/5/11 4:34 AM
Could you use Stevia for the sweetner. If so, how much do you think would work?
# Posted By Wendy | 3/5/11 8:56 PM
I made this recipe today with a few additions. 1/2 cup ea. coarsely chopped soaked almonds, golden raisins, oat flour, 1 tsp. vanilla rather than the 1/2 called for. 1/2 tsp. expresso powder - I think 1 tsp. will also work. Lastly - added about 5 to 7 Tbsps. homemade almond butter. Rolled them into 3 1/2" logs, flattened them a bit - they are waiting to go into the oven. I will probably reduce the time to 10 min. just because my oven cooks faster. Used parchment paper instead of greasing the cookie sheet. Also made this with ground flax seed meal (ground in my coffee grinder). Used 3 Tbsps. coconut sugar (also known as palm sugar) - It could have gone with another Tbsp. but seriously - it is fine as it is. I did add the protein powder too. They taste delicious uncooked. Was wondering how I could sort of dip them in a thin coating of dark chocolate without the chocolate getting pasty or not hardening. Any ideas? This recipe is as good as Dr. Mercola's Chocolate Coconut bar (paid $2.50 for one).
# Posted By Rose | 4/9/11 8:36 PM
I think you could use salba instead of chia. Both of these can be substituted for eggs/egg whites.
# Posted By kitblu | 12/3/11 9:06 PM
what kind of protein powder do you use? Whey protein? Soy protein? Sweetened or unsweetened? I was hoping to use Tera's Chocolate Whey Protein powder...which is an all natural, low sodium brand, sweetened only with stevia. Is that a good choice for the balance of the recipe?
Also, approximately how many bars/servings does this recipe make?
# Posted By Andrea Jane | 12/9/11 12:19 PM
thanks for the recipe!

Is there something I could use in place of grated coconut... perhaps grated carrot or zucchini?
# Posted By eri | 12/10/11 12:27 AM
I wonder if you could replace the chia seeds with hemp seeds which are also very high in protien, omega3 and nutrients
# Posted By c.murray | 12/15/11 11:41 AM
For the coconut chocolate protein bites recipe can I sub cocoa for the chocolate protein?
# Posted By Sarah Beaton | 1/10/12 8:50 PM
I made these bars last night with high expectations. I was worried while mixing them together that they would be dry cause of the lack of liquid.... I decided to just roll with it and follow the recipe. I baked them for only 12 minutes..... So dry!! The only way I could swallow them this morning was by dipping them into my coffee. My kids wouldn't eat them either. I think if I were to try these again I would add some almond milk or soaked nuts of some kind like someone else mentioned.
# Posted By krista | 3/24/12 9:45 AM
We have made these a couple of times now. They are very dry without anything on them. We have baked them for as little as 5 to 7 min. tops so they were still chewey. I would not soak the almonds if I did this again, I would roast them and leave them whole. (to roast nuts bake at 375 for no more than 13 min.). Also would not add the oat flour as this made it even dryer. I might reduce the coconut flour and add more almond meal. The key ingredient that made these delicious was that I did dip them in 72% dark chocolate an refrigerated them until they were hard. Then individually wrapped them. Also would consider adding more agave or coconut palm sugar. Without the dark chocolate coating, they are very dry if baked more than 10 min.
# Posted By Rose | 3/24/12 3:42 PM
I made these today with a little "twist." I had 3/4 cup of low fat coconut milk that I wanted to use plus I added some coconut oil. I added Dagoba Xocolata cocoa powder which has bits of dk chocolate, cane sugar, chili and cinnamon in it. I also added small pieces of crystallized ginger. The results are YUMMY! If you like Hot Mexican Chocolate Cookies, you will like these plus they have the added benefit of being a healthy, high protein and fiber snack!
Many thanks to Tropical Traditions for making the good foods and recipe website available to us. Thank you also to those of you who contribute healthy recipes such as this one. It keeps our families happy, healthy and guilt free!! :)
# Posted By Dorinda | 9/7/12 10:10 AM
Is there a way to make this without eggs? Everything else in this recipe is ok for me to eat and sounds good. It would be nice to have a convenient food for when I am not home.
# Posted By nicole | 6/6/13 2:05 PM
I baked these this morning and I agree with previous posts. The coconut flour measure is far too high especially considering it absorbs up to 4x its weight in liquid! I had to add 2 more eggs and another 1/2 cup of coconut oil and still it had a dry texture. I will try again with only 1/4 cup of coconut flour. (the Chia seeds also soak up liquid) :)
# Posted By Sharon B | 12/5/13 10:55 PM
Only baked for 6 minutes .. They're perfect.
# Posted By Brenda W | 2/17/14 4:40 PM
Has anyone determined protein content and calories for these bars?
# Posted By Karen K | 6/12/14 1:44 PM
I didn't figure in any sugar or other sweetener, so you can add in the appropriate calories/carbs for YOUR particular sweetener. Other than that, everything from the recipe is included (yes, vanilla and protein powder, too).

For the whole recipe- 3149 Calories; 240g Fat (65.6% calories from fat); 114g Protein; 169g Carbohydrate; 117g Dietary Fiber; 848mg Cholesterol; 973mg Sodium.

For 1/12 of the recipe- 262 Calories; 20g Fat (65.6% calories from fat); 9g Protein; 14g Carbohydrate; 10g Dietary Fiber; 71mg Cholesterol; 81mg Sodium.
# Posted By Pami | 6/29/14 4:29 PM
Is there any way to make these moist?
# Posted By Todd | 7/29/14 9:19 AM
I haven't made these in a long time... the coconut flour measurement is off. Makes the recipe way too dry. Needs some adjusting, but this is a worthy recipe. If there was a way to not cook the recipe at all, that would be fantastic. This would mean eliminating the egg. I have another protein recipe where I use a ground fig filling coupled with home made almond butter. My family uses the fig filling in a traditional Italian fig cookie recipe - called Gucci Dati. It keeps in the fridge very well. I am wondering if something like this could work. The fig filling has nutmeats, orange and lemon rind, figs, jam or honey and some sherry or brandy - if anyone is interested I can share the recipe. Its been in the fam for generations. Very delicious! Anyhow, I used about a heaping tablespoon of the fig filling mixture in my other protein recipe and do not bake but roll it into little balls, and roll those balls in unsweetened coconut or cocoa/cinnamon powder. Very very tasty... just a couple of these and I'm set for quite awhile. I like the idea of adding cocao nibs.
# Posted By Rose | 8/1/14 12:23 PM

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