Gluten Free Marzipan Cake recipe photo
Gluten Free Marzipan Cake

Photo by Recipe Author

Servings: 18
Preparation time: 15 minutes

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.

Grease almond cake pan with extra coconut oil or palm shortening (I think a bread pan should work just fine, just won't be as pretty).

Warm butter and coconut oil until it's a little past softened (a bit melty).

Blend butter and coconut oil together and add remaining liquid ingredients and blend. Whisk in dry ingredients.

Pour batter into pan and bake for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes place a piece of foil loosely on top – at this point it should be browned on the edges.

Bake the cake for another 25-30 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean and it doesn't wiggle.

Allow cake to cool in pan and then invert and sprinkle with powdered sugar. If you get excited and try to invert it too soon, the cake will break. No one will blame you.

Recipe submitted by Ann, Omaha, NE

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Can I add coconut flour instead of Almond flour? Have you tried it ever?
# Posted By maryam | 5/4/10 5:48 PM
It wouldn't be marzipan if you used coconut flour instead of the almond flour. And no, I've never tried it.
# Posted By Sarah | 5/5/10 5:07 PM
the two flours are not interchangeable
# Posted By Andrea | 11/22/10 12:28 AM
has anyone tried this recipe using a bundt pan or any other type of pan?
# Posted By Catherine | 2/2/11 11:32 AM
So I tried using a bundt pan--I wouldn't recommend it. It stuck and I ended up with a mountain of crumbs. And since I couldn't serve it to anyone in that condition, I had to eat it all myself. Next time I made it, I used a loaf pan and parchment paper. (I also left out the milk because I found the cake to be too mushy with it, and I have friends who avoid milk.) It was perfect! Everyone loved it and I didn't have to eat the entire cake by myself again!
# Posted By Catherine | 4/12/11 12:23 PM
what can I use instead of coconut? or can I just leave it out? maybe applesauce or pineapple instead of the milk and coconut combo?
# Posted By sonja thompson | 12/16/11 9:38 PM
What is an almond cake pan?
# Posted By Diana | 2/28/12 3:50 PM
I had purchased 2 of those pans in Germany but didn't know what they were for! Thank to you now I know !
# Posted By lise | 8/22/14 2:36 AM

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