Gluten-free Coconut Flour Berry Crepes recipe photo
Gluten-free Coconut Flour Berry Crepes
Photo by recipe author

These berry crepes make a healthy breakfast, brunch or dessert. They are super yummy...and good for you too!

Servings: 6
Preparation time: 12 minutes

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
  • Stevia liquid drops, to taste (I use about 10 drops)
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract (can substitute almond extract)
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flour, sifted
  • small pinch of nutmeg
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup whole milk (can substitute regular coconut milk*)
  • 1-1/2 cups blueberries (or other berries)
  • Whipped cream

In a medium bowl with a wire whisk, beat together the eggs, oil, stevia, vanilla, and salt. Mix in sifted coconut flour, nutmeg and cinnamon; stir in milk.

Heat an 8-inch skillet over medium heat. When hot, melt a tiny pat of butter, coconut oil or palm shortening in the pan. Pour 1/8 cup of batter in the skillet and swirl around in pan until a thin layer of batter covers the bottom. The crepe should be about 6-inches in diameter.

Cook 1-2 minutes, or until batter is bubbly and cooked around the edges. Flip the crepe and cook the other side for 1-2 minutes more, or until done.

Fill the crepes with the berries, top with a little whipped cream (see recipe below), and if you wish a light dusting of coconut flour.

Makes about 6 crepes.

Homemade Whipped Cream

  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • Liquid stevia or sugar

In a medium bowl (stainless-steel is preferable), whip heavy cream until stiff peaks are just about to form. (You can do this by hand with a wire whisk, or with an electric mixer; just make sure the beater and bowl are clean and cold for best results.) Beat in vanilla and sweetener until peaks form. Do not over-beat or the cream will become lumpy (and you will actually have butter).

* For coconut milk make homemade coconut milk or use 1 teaspoon of coconut cream concentrate for every 6-8 oz of water for coconut cream milk. Mix together and use as directed.

Recipe submitted by Shannon, Fort Worth, TX

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Is the Stevia needed? I'm asking because I do not have any. Thanks
# Posted By Christie | 10/19/09 6:14 PM
No, it's not. You could just use a tiny bit of honey or sugar to replace or omit all together.
# Posted By Sarah | 10/19/09 6:23 PM
How much coconut flour? 2 TBSP seems a little skimpy...
# Posted By jen | 3/10/10 5:41 PM
Yes, that's the right amount. Coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid, and the batter needs to be thin.
# Posted By Sarah | 3/11/10 11:33 AM
I found your site by searching google for recipes with stevia and coconut flour. This sounds and looks great! Thanks, can't wait to make them!
# Posted By April | 3/18/10 1:50 PM
Wow, those would be very nice for Mother's Day morning brekkie! Happy Mother's Day Sarah!

# Posted By Pam | 5/9/10 10:21 AM
Happy Mother's Day to you too Pam! I'm not a maybe someday later on Lord willing. :)
# Posted By Sarah | 5/9/10 4:30 PM
Instead of Stevia, try blue agave. Delicious sweetener.
# Posted By Karen | 6/25/10 9:18 AM
Agave is also heavily processed like high fructose corn syrup. Not much better for you. :(
# Posted By Kessinger | 7/28/10 10:26 AM
Do you know the carb count for the crepe...I'm excited to try it but I need to know this first. Thanks! =P'
# Posted By priscilla | 8/8/10 12:08 AM
Wow!! Thank you so much for this recipe. I just made them, and they are sooo goood. I'm so glad I found this website.
# Posted By Laurie | 8/9/10 11:18 AM
I can't wait to try a modified version of this because I'm vegan. I will let you know how it goes.
# Posted By Rhonda's Cooking | 2/6/11 2:14 PM
I'm cooking them right now! Had to pop over and say these are delicious. I didn't use any sugar/sweetener, this recipe really doesn't need any! The coconut oil and flour are sufficient. I also didn't use milk, but chia gel instead. YUM!
# Posted By Mei-ling | 5/26/11 10:05 AM
I've made these several times but for some reason they only maintained their shape the first time. They taste GREAT but the last few times I've ended up with sort of a crepe crumble.. any suggestions for flipping?
# Posted By Christina | 1/9/12 2:17 PM
Great to see a delicious unleavened recipe. Can these be made ahead? Do they freeze well? separated with wax paper?
# Posted By Linda | 1/28/12 10:21 PM
Just an FYI about the carbs. The whole crepe recipe totals 22.5 grams of Carbs, not including the blueberries, as long as you use Stevia or do not sweeten it. This is diabetic friendly if you don't eat the whole batch!
# Posted By Cherylee | 2/8/12 8:34 AM
these crepes are very delicious and light thanks for the recipe!
# Posted By Emese | 4/13/12 2:30 AM
Christina- any chance that the pan heating could be the culprit? If it's stainless steel, it has to be heated pretty well before putting oil in it... then let oil or butter spread evenly all over before putting batter in. Hope it helps!
# Posted By Randa | 4/21/12 8:50 AM
Made these this morning and they were great! I came out with four crepes - two for my husband and two for me. I skipped the sweetener and we didn't miss it. Filled w/ sliced strawberries and peanut butter. Will make again! Thank you.
# Posted By Randa | 4/21/12 9:41 AM
In terms of the carbs, if you're counting *net* carbs, instead of total carbs, the whole recipe is about 11g of carb (not counting the blueberries). When counting carbs, it is recommended that you use the net carb, not total, as the total includes the fiber, which doesn't affect blood sugar or insulin release. I figured the carb in the coconut flour based on using 3.85 oz. per cup, which is what works well for me in the recipes I use. This is a SUPER low carb recipe. All you diabetics or low-cabers, enjoy!!
# Posted By Christie | 5/22/12 1:51 PM
These are VERY good; even my children thought they were great! I LOVE that they are all coconut flour and not your typical high-carb gluten free flour mix. We used 12 drops of stevia and it made 4 crepes for us. Thanks for a wonderful recipe!!
# Posted By Tara | 1/20/13 5:22 PM
Tried this recipe and it required more coconut milk than called for, also the crepes were difficult to flip in crepe pan. Would not hold together. thanks, will try again.
# Posted By cheryl bridges | 4/14/13 5:44 PM
I don't really know how anyone before me managed to make this recipie work... It was too thick (like A LOT too thick), I added a little bit more milk and the crepes were breaking apart. I don't think I'll try this recipe again because something about it makes it not valid.
# Posted By Eva | 11/24/13 11:15 AM
I just made these, and they were delicious! Tips on your crepes not falling apart: turn the heat up on your pan just a bit. I found when my heat was lower the crepe fell apart, but when I turned the heat up, so that the crepe started to bubble as soon as it hit the pan, the crepe didn't fall apart when flipping them. Also, I didn't have whole milk on hand, so used half 2% milk and half heavy whipping cream, and that worked just fine.
# Posted By Laura | 5/13/14 9:41 AM

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