Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars recipe photo
Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars
Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

I recently made these Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars, and they were pretty good! The triple amount of coconut provides the energy element, and the protein powder gives you the protein. It's the best of both worlds; energy and protein rolled into one bar. Why make both a protein and energy bar when you can have them both in one?

The bars were pretty delicate. If you want them moister you could add another egg or more oil if you wanted a higher oil serving. Either way, this recipe is pretty forgiving so feel free to play around with it a bit until you get the desired texture and results. I made a half batch and pressed it into a greased square glass pan and then cut it into bars. That way it comes out looking more like a bar instead of a cookie or something.

The bars are very filling; you can only eat so much. The chia seeds expand in your stomach and give you that "full" feeling pretty quickly, which is a good thing.

Be sure to check the recipe out, and comment if you have any questions or comments of your own.

Enjoy everyone!


Chocolate Coconut Gluten Free Protein Bar

Preheat oven to 375. Grease cookie sheet(s) with extra coconut oil.

Melt oil if needed and in a large bowl stir in remaining ingredients with the oil until well blended. Place spoon sized mounds unto prepared cookie sheets and pat down slightly into bars.

Bake in preheated oven for 14-15 minutes. Don't overcook.

Recipe submitted by Virginia, Circle, MT

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Looks good... I don't particularly like protein bars... never have, but these sound good. :)
# Posted By Miss Rachel | 10/30/09 3:44 PM
Tried this today and the bars are so delicious. My kid loved them!
# Posted By Michelle | 10/31/09 4:50 PM
this is a must try for me. not only are they gluten free they are also corn free! thank you.
# Posted By joyce | 11/2/09 8:51 AM
You're welcome! I hope you like it. :)
# Posted By Sarah | 11/2/09 12:35 PM
How do you prepare the chia seeds? Do you soak them ? or just leave them plain dry seeds?
# Posted By Julie | 11/13/09 10:08 AM
You just leave the chia seeds dry and unsoaked. If you wanted to soak them I'm sure it'd be fine. It's pretty forgiving recipe.
# Posted By Sarah | 11/13/09 12:42 PM
Sarah you are a genius! These are the best home made protein bars ever! Thank you for sharing your recipe. I made them today and I think I will be making them at least once a week......I love 'em!
# Posted By Amy | 11/25/09 9:12 PM
I would love to try these...but do you happen to know the nutritional information for them?
# Posted By mandy | 3/16/10 3:41 PM
Could you use Rice Prptein instead of the whey protein powder? I am milk sensitive.
# Posted By Jeri-Lynn | 5/17/10 2:06 PM
Mandy: No, I don't know the nutritional info.

Jeri-Lynn: Yes, you could use rice protein powder instead.
# Posted By Sarah | 5/17/10 9:26 PM
Can you grind flax seeds to equal the amount of chia seeds?
# Posted By Michelle | 6/10/10 6:07 PM
Yummmm!! Easy and delicious. Couldn't wait too long to let them cool off after coming out of the oven. Fudgy texture, I added an extra egg and a little more oil.
# Posted By Sandra | 10/8/10 7:40 PM
I'm glad this is a hit with most people. One way I vary this, (actually I do this now) is:

xylitol for sweetener ,
1/2 C Coconut flour & 1/2 C Almond Flour instead of just coconut flour,
1 tsp Almond Flavoring,
3/4 C Coconut oil instead of 1/2 C,
& now I don't add the Whey protein as my daughter can't have dairy.
# Posted By Virginia (recipe creator) | 10/23/10 4:28 PM
Thanks for sharing your recipe Virginia. :) Good stuff!
# Posted By Sarah | 10/23/10 6:55 PM
If I were to leave out the whey powder and the chia seeds, how would you suggest I alter the other ingredients to adjust?
# Posted By Jan | 5/12/11 3:08 PM
Jan you could simply add the extra 1/2 cup in flour and either add a sub like flaxseeds or salba(like me) in place of the chia seeds... or simply not use any.
# Posted By Christine | 5/12/11 7:55 PM
Looks yummy! No dairy for my family tho.
# Posted By Jan E | 5/12/11 10:18 PM
Hey all .. has anyone figured out the calories, fat, protein, carbs per bar? if so would u mind posting? Def gonna make these they sound amazing ... also to the dairy sensitive peeps .. whey doesn't contain lactose (or in some cases crazy low amounts) .. if you're super super sensitive u can get whey isolate which has absolutely no lactose .. it's a milk sugar, so if your protein source has 0 grams sugar .. its has 0 lactose :)
# Posted By Kristen | 9/17/11 3:30 PM
If this yields 10 bars, approx. each bar is mostly likely around 300-350 calories. 1/2 cup of the oil alone (not melted) is around 1000 calories. 1 cup of coconut flour is about 500. Add the rest of the stuff, probably looking at around 3000 for the whole batch, or maybe around 2500. So don't eat the whole batch in a sitting any way :P
# Posted By Heather | 12/4/11 6:27 PM
I can't wait to try this recipe!
# Posted By Lindsay | 12/6/11 7:49 AM
I made these today. I must say that they were a bit of a disappointment, after all the positive comments. They tasted good but they are incredibly dry. I even added a bit more coconut oil to the mix, since they seemed dry in the mixing bowl. Any thoughts?
# Posted By Susie | 3/27/12 8:30 PM
It could be the protein powder you used since the recipe seems to react differently depending on the protein powder. I'd cut back at least half on the coconut flour, and/or use almond meal for part, and add another egg or some kind of water based liquid if it looks dry.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 3/28/12 1:04 PM
Interesting....since I used the chocolate protein powder I bought here. I bought it in part because the recipe itself is under it and I wanted to try the recipe! Maybe I'll try another egg.
# Posted By Susie | 3/28/12 1:23 PM
Overcooking can also make the bars dry.
# Posted By Virginia R | 9/3/12 1:54 PM
I thought thede sounded delicious - chocolate and cocnut - how could you go wrong? They are TERRIBLE - way to dry - I almost gagged eating it. I even added an extra egg becuase I could tell they were going to be too dry. This was a very expensive experiment - as the ingredients are expensive.
# Posted By Texas Foodie | 2/2/13 10:39 PM
Do you think adding a mashed banana could work in this recipe to make a moister bar? After reading the comments about how dry this was I'm hesitant to try it as I don't like dry biscuity protein bars - I'm more of a chewy girl myself. Also could I use butter in place of the coconut oil? My pooch managed to knock my CO jar off the bench and it shattered :( So sad.
# Posted By Paz | 2/15/13 8:12 AM
My husband really likes these. I make them round like cookies. I'm making my second batch today. I think I will add some chopped pecans.
# Posted By Montie | 8/26/13 2:58 PM

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