coconut flour biscuits recipe photo
Coconut Flour Biscuits

Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Servings: 7

Preheat oven to 450 F.

Grease a baking sheet with coconut oil or shortening. Set aside.

Place the flours, baking powder, sugar and salt into a large mixing bowl. Add the shortening/butter and toss it to coat with the flour. Begin to cut the shortening into the flour, using your hands, pastry cutter, or two knives. This should take only a few seconds.

Add the milk all at once and stir to moisten all the flour and shortening. Dough should be very wet. Dust a surface with flour, turn the dough onto the surface and dust top with more flour. Knead the dough about seven times and fold over in half once.

Pat the folded dough into a circle about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. Cut the biscuits with a two inch cookie or biscuit cutter (or glass) and place on the prepared pan with a little space between the biscuits or touching.

Bake 10-15 minutes or until the tops are lightly browned. Enjoy!

* For a more coconut flavor use 1/2 cup of flour and decrease the wheat flour by 1/4 cup.

**If using salted butter decrease salt by about 1/4 teaspoon.

By Sarah Shilhavy

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I am gonna make these for supper. :) I am sure they will be delicious! :)
# Posted By Miss Rachel | 10/7/09 4:06 PM
Awesome! Let me know how you like them. :)
# Posted By Sarah | 10/7/09 7:21 PM
I tried them... but they didn't turn out as good as the photo of yours. :) I will have to make them again and see if I can get to look like yours. of course, I was in hurry to make them... :P
# Posted By Miss Rachel | 10/7/09 9:00 PM
Did they not rise very much? If so, that's normal. The coconut flour keeps it from puffing up as much as traditional ones. Try kneading the dough a couple more times or so and/or make a few folds (like you would for a buttermilk biscuit).
# Posted By Sarah | 10/7/09 11:02 PM
I couldn't save any of these, my family consumed the entire batch in one dinner!
# Posted By Teresa | 10/18/09 7:04 PM
I used coconut milk instead of cows milk (1 cup with a 1/4 cup water). I added about 1/4 tsp cream of tartar also. Followed the original recipe for the rest. Biscuits are delicious BUT do have a coconut flavour!
# Posted By Linda | 12/2/09 8:12 PM
I want to try, but can I use all coconut flour? I'm do a paleo diet and do not use any grains or dairy. Would also substitute coconut milk and coconut oil. I'll have to try. I bought 2 big bags of coconut flour and haven't used much. Also use almond meal alot.
# Posted By Sue | 2/11/10 3:06 PM
No, all coconut flour won't work. The coconut flour needs a binder like eggs since it doesn't contain any gluten. You could use coconut milk in replace of the regular milk, but if you use a different fat other then butter or palm shortening it won't be the same. If you want a biscuit using coconut milk and coconut oil there's a recipe for that on here called "Coconut Baking Powder Biscuits".
# Posted By Sarah | 2/11/10 5:40 PM
I want to try, but can I use all coconut flour? I'm do a paleo diet and do not use any grains or dairy. Would also substitute coconut milk and coconut oil. I'll have to try. I bought 2 big bags of coconut flour and haven't used much. Also use almond meal alot.
# Posted By John | 3/8/10 11:07 PM
i made these with almond flour and chestnut flour and coc flour and did not rise were nice and used erithymol like xylitol as sweetner but not risen. used glten free bak powder. how do u get yours to rise and also what flour did you use sarah. thanks.
# Posted By angela | 3/29/10 8:24 AM
Hi Angela!

I usually always make this recipe as written. I sometimes use half whole wheat flour but other then that I don't change anything. They always rise well. Sometimes they won't rise as much as a traditional baking powder biscuit but they're still fluffy and risen.

Honestly, this recipe needs the wheat flour. This is not a gluten free recipe, and the results will not be the same if you try to use different flours. I just developed this recipe by taking my go-to baking powder biscuit recipe and adding a bit of coconut flour to it for extra flavor and fiber.
# Posted By Sarah | 3/29/10 12:24 PM
I make biscuits similar to this recipe but with way more coconut flour (75% coconut flour). My technique may be a little "complicated" but has worked for me. The secret is to make the recipe leaving out most of the coconut flour until your "sponge" is slightly overworked. If you were using all wheat flour your biscuits would be very tough. Then add in the remaining coconut flour reserving just enough to allow you to gently roll the dough and cut your biscuits. These biscuits come out very light, fluffy and have a nice "coconutty" flavor.
# Posted By "MagicDave" | 4/8/10 10:24 AM
I have to be gluten & soy protein free so use almond flour...saw some coconut flour at my local Persian market and would love to try it out together...having a hard time finding receipes. Do you hasve any suggestions of where to look?
# Posted By Judi | 4/13/10 8:40 PM
I tried these and made them with the increased coconut flour option. These just might be the best biscuits ever! Not coconutty at all, but even so, that would have been OK! My kids think they're the bomb :) Big kudos for this recipe.
# Posted By Amy McCoy | 11/22/10 9:07 AM
These were great! I used Silk coconut milk for the milk and cut them into 8 wedges to keep it simple.
# Posted By Heather U | 2/29/12 8:37 PM
I was dissappointed to read your recipe. I read coconut flour biscuits and thought they would be gluten free. NOT!! only a quarter cup of coconut flour with 2 CUPS of wheat!! they're coconut FLAVORED. :(
# Posted By Kitty | 4/21/12 11:01 AM
If you want a fantastic gluten free biscuit make these:
# Posted By Sarah:) | 4/21/12 1:12 PM
If you want a gf biscuit to rise, try adding in sparkling water and mixing only enough to blend. You must not over mix or the carbonation will be released rather than trapped in the flour giving the biscuits a nice risen appearance. They are lighter when this is used as well.
# Posted By blue j | 1/5/13 1:07 PM
Never mind my last comment. I see the baking powder. I had just missed it in the recipe. Another question: Could I use all baking powder for the the 'flour' instead of other flour, and then add it to the coconut flour?
Thank you.
# Posted By RobN | 1/27/13 11:33 PM
RobN: I don't quite understand your question, but if you're asking if the regular (wheat) flour can be substituted, the answer is no it cannot. Also, baking powder is a strong leavening (not a flour) and is used in small amounts to help a baked product rise.
# Posted By Sarah | 1/28/13 12:17 PM
No. Per doctor's orders, I must be totally grain- free. I want to know if I can use the coconut flour as specified and replace the other flours with more of the baking powder (or other starch). ??
# Posted By RobinN | 1/28/13 12:34 PM
Well I have a gluten free biscuit recipe here:, though it contains rice flour.These biscuits don't have any grains:
# Posted By Sarah | 1/29/13 10:11 PM
Thank you so much Sarah. I appreciate the recipe link. Unfortunately, I cannot have rice either. However, I can have nut flours and quinoa (since it is technically a seed.) Do you think one of those fours will work as a substitute? I may give it a try. I hope I don't end up with hockey pucks. :)
# Posted By RobN | 1/29/13 11:55 PM
The nut flours may work in the drop biscuit recipe in replace for the rice, but not in this one. It was intended for wheat so if you tried to take it out a lot more in the recipe would have to change and since I've never tried it myself, I won't be able to tell you what exactly and how. If you're feeling adventurous though feel free to experiment!
# Posted By Sarah | 2/1/13 10:41 AM
These look absolutely delicious!
# Posted By Krissie | 9/3/13 8:08 PM
I made these with a gluten free flour mix and it worked fine. Like other comments they didn't rise much. They are more like cookies not biscuits. But the flavor is good.
# Posted By christy | 1/4/14 10:52 AM
I appreciate the recipes that are shared on here, but this one is misleading. They are called coconut flour biscuits, yet most of the flour in them isn't coconut. Also, unless it is sprouted flour, or the recipe allows for soaking the flour before hand, then these really are not healthy biscuits. These are only my thoughts; I don't intend to offend :-)
# Posted By Jesse | 2/3/14 11:08 AM

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