Classic Coconut Macaroons recipe photo
Classic Coconut Macaroons
Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

This recipe makes a classic coconut macaroon. It's a perfect addition to your Christmas cookie plate!

Servings: about 22 cookies
Preparation time: 10 minutes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a medium bowl, combine coconut, extract, and salt. Stir in honey until well combined.

Beat egg whites until stiff peaks from. Fold into coconut mixture along with cream of tarter.

Scoop mixture firmly into a cookie scoop and press unto a greased cookie sheet as you drop it (the idea is to compact the balls). Bake for 10 – 15 minutes, or until browned.

Cool cookies on cookie sheet and dip into chocolate glaze if desired (recipe below).

Chocolate Glaze

Classic Coconut Macaroons Chocolate dipped recipe photo
Classic Coconut Macaroons Chocolate dipped
Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

Combine chocolate, coconut oil, butter and syrup in a double boiler and melt gently. Once mixture is smooth add vanilla.

Recipe courtesy Sarah Shilhavy

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Those look so good! I've never made macaroons before, and these would be great to try. I made the banana coconut flour muffins and loved them. I'll be posted about them soon on my blog. :) yummy stuff here.
# Posted By Miss Rachel | 11/25/09 11:34 PM
This is my first visit your blog - it's lovely. This looks delicious and done a beautiful and thoughtful post.I can see I'll be making these soon.
# Posted By cookeaze | 11/27/09 6:24 AM
Beautiful photos!

I wonder if agave nectar would be sticky enough to use with these. Regardless - yours look scrumptious!
# Posted By Linda | 11/29/09 1:37 PM
Yes, agave can sub for honey, but agave is a high fructose syrup, same as HF corn syrup... somehow the marketing forces have convinced people its healthy when its really not. Neither are soy products.
# Posted By ria stine | 1/30/10 1:59 PM
these look great!
do you know if they freeze well?
# Posted By teri | 3/23/10 6:30 AM
Humm...good question! I have no clue. :D I'd do a test with 1 first before sticking a whole batch in.
# Posted By Sarah | 3/23/10 2:16 PM
These look really delis I will have to make a batch right away =) !
# Posted By Lexi | 6/21/10 2:01 PM
Holy coconuts batman! I made these tonight but I added 1/2 C. coconut cream concentrate to them and yeowza! I would suggest cooking them at 325 or 300 for closer to 20-30 minutes though, they were a bit moist inside, but ooh, oh fluffy and moist and and tender and oh so coconutty!

*disclaimer: I really love coconut.
# Posted By Mistie | 8/17/10 12:24 AM
I didn't make the chocolate though, probably would have been great!
# Posted By Mistie | 8/17/10 12:25 AM
I think the cookies are plenty sweet. I will reduce honey to 1/2 cup next time and eliminate sweetener in glacé. We also had a lot of glacé left over; I will probably reduce the amount of chips and eliminate the butter as well. I think it was a great non sugar recipe!
# Posted By Lindsay | 10/9/10 7:20 PM
Can you substitute the honey for cream of coconut? Or even the cream of tarter?
# Posted By Cheri | 10/24/10 5:09 PM
I made these, and for some reason, mine came out mushy!
I did measure everything right, but there seemed to be To much honey, as it came out on the cookie sheet.

Does anyone know why mine where not dry, but mushy?
# Posted By annie | 11/29/10 5:43 AM
They probably were not baked long enough. These macaroons will be very moist, but not mushy.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 11/30/10 12:24 PM
To make chocolate macaroons, how much cocoa powder should be added?
# Posted By judy | 12/21/10 1:49 PM
Is there any way to make these VEGAN? :)
What to use instead of egg whites? Thanks for any suggestions!
# Posted By linda_a | 12/31/10 10:09 AM
Yes. The eggs and cream of tarter can be omitted. I used dates, honey and touch of agave and a pinch of himaylan sea salt. Place all ingredients into your food process and pulse until all comes begins to come together. Texture should hold together when pressed. Ok to taste. YUMMY! Scope out rounds and place on your dehyrator for 5-6 hours. Mine are dehyrating now. Tomorrow I'll have a nice treat! Good luck..
# Posted By brina | 1/1/11 9:49 PM
Great help, Brina! I will have to try that. Thank you much, Linda :)
# Posted By linda_a | 1/2/11 12:05 PM
These turned out looking nothing like the picture! The only thing I did different from the recipe was that I added a few drops of green food coloring for St. Patrick's day. They turned out too egg-fluffy - more like sticky meringue. And they stuck to parchment paper! They are plenty plenty sweet, and I used unsweetened coconut. Next time, i'm going to try using only 2 eggs, cutting back on the honey and adding a bit of coconut flour to the mix. Definitely a recipe to perfect! My son loves "Mar-coons"!
# Posted By Rachael | 3/16/11 7:58 PM
Rachael: Did you use finely shredded coconut? If the recipe was made exactly as written it will turn out. I'm sorry it didn't work for you! The end batter should just be like moist coconut, not like a meringue.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 3/21/11 12:56 PM
I love macaroons. Especially those ones that melt in the mouth. I never realized it could also be good with a chocolate dip! Wow! Thanks for sharing.
# Posted By Where to Buy Coconut Oils | 4/13/11 4:30 AM
I just received my bags of shredded coconut and flakes today. How am I to store them--before I open them and after open. I also got the coconut cream and oil. Can't wait to start trying receipes. I am dieting so will have to use stevia as a sugar substitute.
# Posted By Carolyn | 5/15/11 2:59 AM
Carolyn: Store them out of sunlight unopened. Once opened, same thing but keep in a zip lock (airtight) bag. They'll last quite awhile.

I hope you enjoy the products! For the CCC I highly recommend giving this little recipe a try: It's so quick and easy! You'll love it.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 5/15/11 12:20 PM
I'm in the middle of making them and now see that in one of the comments you asked if she used finely shredded coconut. Is it supposed to be fine or coarse ?
I'm trying making them with rice syrup and malt sweetened carob chip melted icing
# Posted By Patricia | 5/21/11 4:16 PM
Patricia: The recipe calls for shredded coconut, which is the fine cut (as the photo shows). Also if you click on the link there are pictures of the different cuts.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 5/21/11 4:40 PM
These look and sound awesome by everyone's description. Does anyone know the approximate calorie, carb and sodium count of one cookie? I read the nutrition label on the Tradition's Label so that's probably closer per ounce adding some honey but it would be nice to know as close to an absolute -- if anyone's found any info, I'd appreciate it.
# Posted By Robin | 11/6/11 10:57 AM
Just wondering if I can leave out the "cream of tartar", not something I usually have on hand?
Also, the "brown rice sryup" YUK, can I just leave it out or is there a substitute for both of these ingrediants?

Thank you for your time in replying,
# Posted By Pamela Barne | 12/17/11 10:19 AM
Pamela: You can probably leave the cream of tartar out, but I'd add a dash of lemon juice in its place.

The brown rice syrup is there just to add shine and texture to the chocolate glaze; you won't taste it at all. But if you don't have any just leave it out or add a bit of honey if you don't mind the glaze being sweeter than usual.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 12/17/11 12:10 PM
If you use a packaged coconut watch out for propylene glycol. I stopped buying coconut ice cream when I noticed the label.
# Posted By ciaobello | 2/6/12 3:36 PM
These are delicious!!! They turned out perfect and were very easy to make. This may be my new favorite site!!
# Posted By Jennifer | 2/12/12 11:28 AM
Holy sweetness!

Just made these, and wish I'd read the comments beforehand. There is WAY too much honey - making these cookies both too sweet and too wet. They didn't mold well and took longer to cook (25 minutes total, knocked the oven down to 325 after 10 minutes when it became apparent that they'd need longer). While baking, the liquid ran off the cookies and dripped down the bottom of my oven. Use a jellyroll pan (with a lip). They came out tasting wonderful, but ultra sweet. I'll cut the honey in half next time.
# Posted By Susie | 3/25/12 7:34 PM
I love this recipe for Coconut Macaroons. I love coconut period . A friend of mine told me about Coconut oil. This stuff is Amazing . Thanks for this website! I love it!
# Posted By Paulette | 5/21/12 10:44 AM
I bet these would be great baked in a mini muffin pan!
# Posted By pam | 5/21/12 11:28 AM
Would it be possible to substitute stevia for the honey in this recipe?
Also, when will Tropical Traditions be getting more shredded coconut in stock; it's been back ordered for a while. Miss the stuff!
# Posted By Pam | 7/11/12 7:40 AM
I just made these using 1/2 c honey and 5 drops liquid vanilla stevia. They turned out very good.

For the dip I used Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips and maple syrup instead of rice syrup since I don't have any of that. I melted it in the microwave 30 seconds at a time. I forgot to not dip some of the cookies so I'll have to make another batch tomorrow so my little dog can enjoy them too. :)

I tried adding a bit of cocoa powder to some of them but they crumbled apart after they were baked - even the ones to which I added a little coconut cream concentrate. Any ideas on how to prevent them from falling apart if I add cocoa powder? I'm thinking I might just have to add more egg.
# Posted By Sherry H | 1/31/13 8:30 PM
I just made these as our Easter treat...I have not had sugar or anything for 49 weeks now, so this was especially a treat...I cut the recipe in half, but I agree, a little too much honey...I took half of the half of the recipe and folded in some fresh raspberries that I had slightly chopped up then finely crated some 72% Dark Chocolate on top of them after they were out of the oven. Oh my goodness, the raspberry ones are the best!!!! Next time I am going to try a little banana! I love coconut and banana! Thank you for posting this recipe! Hit the spot!
# Posted By Lisa | 3/31/13 10:09 PM
I love macaroons and was so excited to make these today for Greek Easter. I whipped them up and had a feeling something was off because it seemed loose. I strained some out, and baked them and they came out not very 'together' ( falling apart a little), and it basically tasted like the coconut flakes I started with except with honey on it. I was do disappointed because I made these last minute and had to buy fruit to just make a fruit bowl since these turned out awful.
# Posted By Brianna | 5/5/13 8:07 PM
Brianna - Well now that stinks, sorry that happened! If you want to give the recipe another go, try adding another egg white or two. You could either whip it or just beat it slightly and stir it into the coconut to moisten.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 5/6/13 2:53 PM
My husband is allergic to eggs. Has anyone made these using a substitute (ex: flax seed soaked in water) for the eggs?
Any alternative recipes without eggs?
# Posted By Lisa Blakeslee | 9/16/13 9:57 AM
Can these be made without the cream of tartar?
# Posted By Renee | 9/14/14 12:51 PM
what can u use if you do not have brown rice syrup?
# Posted By A jax | 9/16/14 5:45 PM

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