• 1-2 tablespoons coconut cream concentrate, optional
  • 1-3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 2/3 cup whole milk
  • 1 cup espresso
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flavored syrup (or desired flavor and amount)

Brew espresso and add flavored sweetener of your choice (or omit) and coconut cream concentrate if using. Pour into serving mugs.

Using espresso steamer steam milk and coconut oil to 140 degrees. Add to espresso and enjoy!

Recipe submitted by Jerian, Halifax, Canada

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I love lattes, and this one was great! It wasn't too rich or sweet, and instead of coconut flavored syrup I used honey. You could use honey and a bit of coconut extract too, but I didn't have the latter on hand. 2 tablespoons of coconut cream concentrate provided the perfect amount of coconut flavor and enhanced the creaminess of the drink. It was very easy to get the foamy top (see picture) by just heating the milk and oil over the stove while beating it with a hand-held mixer at the same time. It's ready when the foam holds.

The coconut oil also makes this a great energy drink! It's sure to perk you up, so be careful. Drink some before working out for an extra energy boost!
# Posted By Sarah | 10/14/09 12:26 PM
Jocelyn is doing a detox of her body and this will be wonderful for her. She loves Coconut too, so that's not a problem. Mom said she needs to eat more VCO, and tried mixing it with butter and putting it on bread, but gagged. I will let her know about this recipe for he to try. :)
# Posted By Miss Rachel | 10/23/09 6:05 PM
# Posted By Marla | 5/6/10 1:46 PM
i went to this site to find a new way to take VCO since im having a hard time taking it by the spoonful. Since i make myself a latte every morning, this is the perfect solution. Thank you! also, VCO on popcorn if fabulous! no more butter!
# Posted By deone | 5/17/10 4:46 AM
What a great tasting latte! I too love my lattes in the morning which I make at home. I was also trying to swallow 2 T of EVCO for the health benefits,, but I just couldn't stomach swallowing the oil. To my latte I added 1 T of CCC and 2 T of oil. It tastes yummy PLUS I'm getting the health benefits. Thanks for a great recipe!
# Posted By Wendy | 5/2/13 11:12 AM
Do you think it would work if I were to substitute coconut milk? I am lactose intolerant.
# Posted By Theresa B | 4/10/14 5:11 PM

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