• 1 pint organic half n half or heavy cream
  • 1 can organic sweetened condensed milk*
  • 1/4 cup coconut cream concentrate
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon pure almond extract
  • Raw honey (a tablespoon or so to taste - optional)
  • Ground-up nuts of choice (walnuts, etc.- optional)

Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Place mixture in your ice cream maker, following manufacturer instructions. Let run until it has reached the desired consistency.

You can also just use a very strong blender-just make sure the mixture is very cold so it will firm up when mixed (you can a few ice cubes to give it a push). Place the blended up mixture in a container and freeze it to firm up more. Enjoy!!

* You can make your own sweetened condensed milk with our recipe here.

Recipe submitted by Natasha, Merrick, NY

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I made a double batch of this, with vanilla extract in replace of almond and nutmeg (not too fond of those flavor in ice cream) and none of the optional ingredients. It is SOOO good and so easy! Yum! Smooth, creamy, and light, with a wonderful coconut taste. :) Had to warm the CCC to make it smooth. Definitely does not need anymore sugar!
# Posted By Sarah | 7/5/09 6:21 PM
And oh, for those of you who don't have ice cream makers here's what you do:
Mix batter as recipe states, and pour into a large metal bowl. Place bowl in a very cold freezer with ice packs or frozen things packed all around it. About every 30 minutes, whisk with a wire whisk, making sure all clumps are broken up and mixed in. Repeat until ice cream has reached desired consistency.
When the mixture becomes too thick to whisk by hand, use a hand held mixer or standing mixer with a balloon whisk to do the job. But be quick about it, this melts fast!
I made the ice cream this way and it turned out perfect. Try it yourself and let us know what you think! :)
# Posted By Sarah | 7/5/09 6:25 PM
Can one substitute something else, maybe whipping cream for the sweetened condensed milk? I don't care for condensed milk. However, we do like our gelato or ice cream to have a creamy texture. Thanks.
# Posted By Sophie | 9/3/10 8:42 PM
Nope. No good subs for sweetened condensed milk here as it takes the place of eggs and sugar as well as supply the rich, creamy, velvety-ness.
# Posted By Sarah | 9/5/10 5:19 PM
I don't like sweetened condensed milk either, so I make my own. Still has a lot of sugar, but at least I know what kind of sugar. Here's my recipe: 1 cup powdered dry milk (you can use organic); 2/3 cup sugar (I use something called "Whey Low"); 1/3 cup hot water or hot almond milk. Blend in blender until smooth (food processor doesn't work). Equals 1 can of the commercial stuff.
# Posted By Kelcey | 2/17/11 10:05 AM
I've also published a recipe for sweetened condensed milk, using powdered goat's milk.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 2/17/11 11:31 AM
Thanks Sarah for the goat's milk alternative. As someone who is allergic to cows milk, I am excited to make my own sweetened condensed milk from powder goats milk so I can enjoy my favorite ice cream!!!
# Posted By Barbara | 6/15/11 3:44 PM
Kelcey, Thanks for the tip on the Whey Low-- had not heard about it until now. I placed an order today.
# Posted By Minnie | 7/11/11 2:20 PM
Does anyone know how many servings this recipe yields? Is the recipe for a 1-gallon sized ice cream maker...or what size would I need, if I did decide to use an ice cream machine...? I hope that someone doesn't mind getting back with me on this. Thanks!
# Posted By Ali | 7/11/11 10:51 PM
I'm going to have to come up with a sugar-free, dairy-free recipe for making ice cream using the coconut cream. XAgave and stevia are my choices for sugar substitutes and coconut milk would possibly work in place of the dairy products. if anyone has any brilliant ideas that may help, I'd certainly be interested in trying to perfect an ice cream that would satisfy my love for something smooth, sweet, and cold in my mouth.
# Posted By Valarie | 7/19/11 5:19 PM
Valarie: I wouldn't recommend using avage syrup as it contains more fructose then high fructose corn syrup.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 7/19/11 5:44 PM
Can sweetened condensed milk be made without sugar? Can I used stevia instead?
# Posted By Susan | 10/9/11 8:56 PM
Well, I was hoping for a true coconut milk/cream recipe. Do they all have to have other milk added? I don't think the commercial ones do. Bummer!
# Posted By Mary | 5/14/12 2:15 PM
I have one of those ice cream makers with a gel bowl - the kind you put in the freezer before using. We have made ice cream using coconut milk, some sweetener, and various flavorings. I think it works out well. Takes about 20 minutes.
# Posted By Edna | 6/18/13 11:17 PM

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