Preheat oven to 350 or 400 degrees F. Grease 6 muffin tins with additional coconut oil. Set aside.

In a small bowl beat eggs, coconut oil, and salt together. Combine coconut flour and baking powder together and whisk into batter until smooth.

Fill prepared muffin cups half-way with batter and sprinkle coconut on top. Bake in preheated oven for 10-15 minutes.

Recipe submitted by Fran, Toronto, Canada

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Absolutley FANTASTIC! I made a double batch, and added about 1 tbsp ground cinnamon. Wonderful!! Kids gobbled them up in no time, and they rose beautifully.
# Posted By barefoot | 4/17/10 8:41 PM
what about the honey? where it goes?
# Posted By maryam | 5/5/10 1:49 PM
It should be added with the other wet ingredients. :)
# Posted By Sarah | 5/5/10 5:08 PM
Best gluten-free muffins yet. Love them with Enjoy Life chocolate chips! YUMMY!!!
# Posted By mommy4 | 9/29/10 3:33 PM
Is there anything that can be substituted for the eggs in these recipes? I would love to try all the muffins listed here (especially the pumpkin ones), but I have a sensitivity to eggs right now.
# Posted By Jackie | 10/26/10 8:08 AM
I can't have honey or maple syrup so I was wondering if I could use stevia and or xylitol to sweeten and then use coconut milk for liquid in place of the honey. Anyone know if this will work? I hate to waste ingredients otherwise I don't mind experimenting.
# Posted By Jessica | 10/26/10 4:31 PM
Can you have brown rice syrup? It would be difficult to take the syrup out as it's a really important part in the recipe. Brown rice syrup sweetened with stevia or xylitol would work, but I don't know about taking the syrup out.
# Posted By Sarah | 10/27/10 12:06 AM
I've been subbing dates for any sweeteners with no problems.
# Posted By Catrina | 12/9/10 9:35 PM
I I had a mad urge to cook these lovely recipes in the evening when all shops were shut and I had no honey... I used sugar and a mashed banana and the texture came out beautifully. Really moist and spongy. I also had no gf baking powder (hard to get in Germany where I live) and used Locust bean gum (I think that's the translation!) and the overall result was great! :-)
# Posted By Krackers | 6/11/11 7:04 AM
I just made these in a muffin-top pan and used them as bases for strawberry shortcake. I also made them low-carb by swapping in Torani sugar-free caramel syrup for the honey.
They were REALLY good. And they seem to get better with time - the egginess disappears if you let them sit a bit.
# Posted By Liz | 6/19/11 7:51 PM
Does the coconut oil need to be heated up so it is in liquid form before adding it to the eggs?
# Posted By Bennett | 12/23/11 7:47 AM
Delicious! I doubled the recipe, used the honey and added about 10 drops of liquid stevia to the batter. I also folded in fresh blueberries and increased the cooking time by 3 minutes (to compensate for the blueberries).
# Posted By meetzeek | 1/8/12 10:20 AM
I doubled the recipe, and for sweetener, used 1/3 cup chopped dates plus 2 tablespoons honey. Whirled the whole thing in the Blendtec so it was very smooth. Replaced coconut oil with softened butter and upped the shredded coconut to 1/4 cup. Using dates instead of all honey made it a more dense dough, so it was closer to a shortcake than a muffin. Very tasty! I'm happy to have something "bready" I can eat. If you like coconut you will certainly like this.
# Posted By Rebekah | 1/25/12 6:43 PM
Yum! Thank-you Fran for submitting. I just gobbled down 3, and next time will double batch. I accidentally forgot salt, and didn't miss it. I cut sweetener in half using a combo of honey and agave, and replaced the other 1/8 C with coconut milk. In 3 of the muffins I mixed coconut into batter, and will do that again. They came out moist and delicious. I did have to bake about 18-20 minutes.
# Posted By kim | 6/18/12 3:12 PM
This is my first attempt at gluten-free baking. I'm also egg-free at the moment so I used a mixture of chickpea flour and water (can also use flaxseeds simmered in hot water and cooled, OR mushed banana. I've baked with all of them.) These are good! I made them with the maple syrup, used baking soda instead of powder and added some cinnamon and cocoa powder just because. These are moist and tasty. Double batch next time.
# Posted By Kit | 11/20/12 4:31 PM
LOVE these muffins...I didn't have any baking soda on hand so I used 2 teaspoons of baking powder...Delicious. I am wondering if you have a calorie count on an individual muffin?
# Posted By monica | 7/14/13 9:35 AM
Thank you. I added two mashed bananas, they turned out delicious!
# Posted By Bb | 8/9/13 10:05 AM
Yes, these are really good! I added chocolate chips, but kept everything else exactly the same. My husband and I love them. Will definitely double the recipe next time.
# Posted By Amanda | 9/11/13 4:05 PM
Great recipe. I added GFCF soy free etc. mini chocolate chips as well as about 1/2 cup coconut to the batter instead of on top. Excellent. We doubled the recipe - made 12 muffins. Very good- we will be making this again!
# Posted By Julie | 12/26/13 10:52 AM
Making these right now! Hopefully next time I'll have to make a triple batch to feed everyone if they are a success. :)
# Posted By valleygirl | 2/11/14 9:44 AM
Make a double or triple batch! These are soooo yummy. Did half with blueberries and half with chocolate chips. They didn't raise very well but my powder might be older. Totally making these again!
# Posted By valleygirl | 2/11/14 10:27 AM
These are very similar to the Gluten Free Coconut Muffins being served at Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation Restaurants. Thank you for this recipe, they are excellent.
# Posted By Phyllis M | 3/26/14 5:19 AM
I made these with coconut sugar instead of honey (kept it worth the dry ingredients), and put in a bit of ginger, allspice, and cinnamon. I added a teaspoon of water to get the right consistency. These are delicious! They were happily unaffected by my using baking soda instead of powder by mistake.
# Posted By Lindsay | 5/9/14 1:50 AM
These turned out great! the Kids I nanny are also allergic to corn so I had to use a cream or tarter/baking soda replacement for baking powder but it worked out great!
# Posted By Beegirl | 6/25/14 4:45 PM
Doubled the recipe. Used SUBS
Instead of 6eggs used 2eggs and 4flax eggs
Agave instead of honey
1/4 tsp baking soda with 1/4cup butter milk instead of Baking Powder
Added 1/2cup frozen blueberries
Made as a loaf cake since all muffin pans in use. :)
So darned amazing
# Posted By Amy j | 7/22/14 7:44 PM
I am wondering how there can only be 1/4 cup of coconut flour in this recipe. Would someone please explain this to me?
Thank you.
# Posted By K | 8/10/14 10:02 PM
Coconut flour expands a lot. You can read this to learn more about it:
# Posted By Sarah S. | 8/13/14 9:28 PM
Excellent recipe--tastes so much like the Sweet Tomatoes version, which my husband and I LOVE! My only tip would be to use room temperature eggs because the coconut oil hardened once I added my refrigerated eggs into the mix. I think this also messed up how my salt mixed because some muffins ended up being pretty salty.
# Posted By Janet | 10/7/14 10:03 AM

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