Breakfast In A Cup recipe photo
Breakfast In A Cup
Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy
Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

Servings: 2
Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Place all ingredients in a good blender. Blend until smooth and well mixed. Pour into 2 glasses and drink immediately.

Recipe submitted by Sierra, Rolla, MO

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While I haven't tried this recipe I have tried using the coconut oil in other cold drinks and the oil just turns solid and doesn't mix in smoothly with the other ingredients
# Posted By june | 10/21/10 7:51 AM
June: If you follow the recipe the oil won't clump. Read this: for more tips on using coconut oil in cold drinks!
# Posted By Sarah | 10/21/10 12:25 PM
This recipe looks delicious! I will be giving it a try soon!
# Posted By ROXY | 11/9/10 2:22 PM
As far as the oil clumping I found that you have to let the oil heat well before adding it to something cold. If you melt it and before it is all hot add it then the oil will clump.
# Posted By Pam | 11/17/10 9:35 AM
Thought I'd read it here, but another way to add coconut oil to smoothies without clumping, is to blend the coconut oil with the other room temp ingredients. Then once it emulsifies, the ice cubes, frozen strawberries, etc. can be added to the blender and processed until smooth.
# Posted By Penny | 3/30/11 6:55 PM
Has anyone who rated this recipe actually tried making it?
# Posted By Jessica | 4/12/11 11:07 AM
This looks really good. I'm going to try it, and also tweak it a little by adding flaxseed oil and using peanut butter powder instead of all peanut butter.

Thanks for sharing this recipe!
# Posted By Anna | 4/12/11 11:10 AM
Jessica: I've made the recipe and it's absolutely fantastic! Reminds me of a creamy milkshake. Definitely a great breakfast smoothie.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 4/12/11 11:39 AM
Could you replace the milk and coconut oil with coconut cream?? I wonder how that would taste?
# Posted By Jocelyn | 4/12/11 12:51 PM
Coconut Cream Concentrate is a peanut butter type of product. Not a liquid.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 4/12/11 4:38 PM
When you say rolled oat flakes do you mean regular rolled oats?
# Posted By Alison | 4/12/11 9:21 PM
So that is adding raw rolled oats to the smoothie?
# Posted By Jackie | 4/12/11 9:24 PM
Yes, you use regular rolled oats.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 4/12/11 9:33 PM
How many grams of fat does this produce
# Posted By cheryl | 8/1/11 4:29 PM
I'm not much of a breakfast person but I wanted to begin using Coconut oil in my diet so I gave this easy recipe a try. I added a scoop of my protein powder and eliminated the peanut butter. It tasted good and worked for me. Thanks!
# Posted By Lou | 1/10/12 8:31 AM
Well, just tried this.. way better than expected! I replaced vanilla extract with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream and frozen yogurt!! So rich and energizing!!!
# Posted By Mrs. smith | 7/9/12 12:13 PM
By far the BEST smoothie I have ever had!! I can't stop making it:)
# Posted By Nsmith | 4/13/13 1:29 PM
I saw on Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil that Coconut oil should be eaten everyday to combat Alzheimers disease. I have ALZ and I don't know how you are supposed to use it. Do you just put it in your food or use in in a receipe? I tried it in a cold fruit cup and it harden in clumps and tasted terrible. Should I heat it or is it supposed to just mix smoothly like mayo?
# Posted By Diane DuPre | 8/9/13 11:32 AM
I made this shake this afternoon for my son and I. Tasty, and very filling!!
# Posted By Jordasche K | 9/3/13 10:06 PM
Haven't tried this in a smoothie but great on toast.
# Posted By Rhoadena J | 2/14/14 10:25 AM
My son suggested putting it in black coffee. Well I did -- and I loved it!
# Posted By Martha | 6/21/14 5:30 PM
My husband made this for me. He used almond milk bed it tasts delish!!
# Posted By Sylvia | 6/28/14 10:41 AM
Tried this but used a non frozen banana, and almond powder and a few sunflower seeds instead of peanut butter. Melted the coconut oil in the first then blitzed everything together. Then added a few ice cubes and reblitzed. Lovely!
# Posted By Helena | 8/11/14 9:20 AM

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