Gluten Free Molasses Cookies recipe photo
Gluten Free Molasses Cookies
Photo by recipe author

Servings: 25-30 cookies
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Mix coconut oil, molasses, sugar and egg together with a fork.

Mix almond meal, coconut flour, baking soda, salt, cloves, ginger and cinnamon in a separate bowl and mix well.

Combine the 2 mixtures and mix with a spoon to form a dough. Chill dough in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Roll into 1-inch balls and dip in sugar (optional). Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Bake for about 8 minutes in preheated oven.

* You can make your own almond meal by grinding almonds in a blender until it forms a meal. Be careful not to over process the mixture or else you will get almond butter!

Recipe submitted by Carol, Libertyville, IL

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Wow, these are wonderful! Perfect cookie texture--crisp and chewy. Great flavor, sweet but not too sweet.
# Posted By Laura | 5/6/11 10:50 PM
Made them again with 1/2 c oil instead of 3/4 c. Even better!
# Posted By Laura | 7/10/11 11:02 PM
Laura, thanks for the oil adjustment!
I just made these (with 1/2 cup oil) and they are so good! The balls take a few minutes in the oven to flatten out a bit and crack - so be patient. (I was worried that I should have pressed them down, but NO they will flatten.)
And I can't believe how 'professional' they look. Great presentation with the rolled sugar. Love 'em! Can't wait to see how they are the next day - crunchy? still soft? all good.
# Posted By heidi | 7/23/11 8:07 PM
I am so glad that there are so many gluten-free recipes out there and so many generous people willing to share theirs! I say this not only to the author of this recipe but to everybody out there sharing and creating new gluten-free recipes, thank you! Carol, your cookies look great, I will have to try them! :)
# Posted By Angie | 10/29/11 5:29 PM
Made these today. Very yummy. I did add some "Ginger People" Ginger Chips, if I do that again, I may cut back on the sugar a bit.
Texture of these cookies is wonderful, bottoms got crispy and the middle is chewy. Will definitely add this recipe into the rotation.
# Posted By Lizzie B | 11/11/11 5:50 PM
These look great! My 11 year old daughter requested molasses cookies to take to her sister's tomorrow for Thanksgiving.I checked my three new gluten free cookbooks, and alas, nothing there. I also had recently purchased coconut flour, but had NO clue what to do with it as we are new to this whole "gluten free" lifestyle. Previously, my faveorite thing to do was bake bread...good bye baguettes!! My husband and I both have gluten issues, so the whole house has been converted. Well, I do love to cook, and I enjoy a challenge. Looking back with the knowledge that I have now about the myriad of things that are tied to gluten sensitivity, so much just falls into place. Thank-you for being so kind as to share your creations. Well off to the kitchen, I have pies and cookies to build. I hope you have a wonderful, stress free Thanksgiving.
# Posted By MommaBear | 11/23/11 6:41 PM
Thanks so much everyone for the kind comments! I was thrilled to find a way to make molasses cookies without flour, complete with perfect cracks on the top! And Laura, I have reduced the oil myself, and I love them that way too!
# Posted By Carol | 12/7/11 4:02 PM
anyone made these without the almond meal? I can't eat nuts. Thanks!
# Posted By Megan | 2/28/12 12:17 PM
Is that 3/4 cup of coconut oil in a solid state or liquid state
# Posted By Douglas | 3/1/12 9:38 PM
Douglas: I would assume that the coconut oil is in a liquid state, but I am not positive. Hope this helps!
# Posted By Angie | 3/2/12 11:47 AM
You can use solid or melted coconut oil here, but I'd probably go with melted.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 3/2/12 12:20 PM
I made these today for work, they were delicious! Mine came out kinda cakey (but still delicious) and I think I will roll into balls, roll into sugar and then smash lightly with a glass to get that chewy texture that I really want. However, if you are thinking of making these - DO! I replaced the sugar in the cookie with Sucanat, and that worked wonderfully - everything else was the same. Thank you for this fantastic recipe!
# Posted By Cynthia R. | 5/4/12 7:11 PM
These are WONDERFUL!!! Gingersnaps (that's what I call them at least) have been a very much favorite cookie since I was a tiny little girl. That's one of the few things that I've been missing a tremendous amount since I went gluten free. Now I don't have to miss them anymore!!! YAY!

There are a few changes that I made since I'm also trying to limit the sweetner that I use to honey and I'm a spice girl. lol Instead of a cup of sugar, I used 1/3 of a cup of raw honey. I used a tsp of cloves rather then 1/2 of one, and 2 heaping tsp of cinnamon. In order to keep them from being very thin and burning or browning too much around the edges, I used my thumb to flatten them before baking. I did NOT roll them in sugar before baking, however I DID sprinkle just a little xylitol on the top immediately after taking them out of the oven. They came out picture perfect and taste amazing!!
# Posted By Teri | 11/20/12 5:08 PM
Great cookies, I substituted 1/4 cup honey for the cup of sugar, doubled the cloves, ginger and cinnamon. Wow, Carol great recipe...thank you.
# Posted By Rick | 7/29/13 8:08 PM
Allergic to coconut, any substitutions?
# Posted By Bonnie L | 12/3/13 7:37 PM
I substitute olive oil for coconut oil and they turn out deliciously!
# Posted By Kay | 10/2/14 12:43 PM

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