Gluten Free Cream Cheese Coffee Cake recipe photo
Gluten Free Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
photo by recipe author

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 8


  • 8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 egg
  • 2 teaspoons maple syrup


1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Grease one 8-inch round cake pan.

2. Beat together all ingredients for cream cheese filling. Set aside.

3. Combine the first five ingredients for cake then add the dry ingredients through the salt. Mix well.

4. Toss pecans, cinnamon and maple syrup together in a separate bowl.

5. Pour cake batter into pan and drop bits of the pecan mixture throughout batter.

6. Top with cream cheese filling and use a knife or tooth pick to swirl it around.

7. Bake for 25 minutes and let cool before slicing.

Recipe submitted by Carrol, Huntington Beach, CA

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This is my kind of cake! I am going to try it asap. Also Huntington Beach use to be my weekend playground, when I was a teen.
# Posted By charlotte | 12/31/10 2:53 PM
This was amazingly good! I used stevia in place of all the sugar/syrup. It was a tasty treat :)
# Posted By Coconut Mama | 1/20/11 11:10 PM
How much stevia would you use in place of the sweetener?
# Posted By Claire | 2/12/11 8:42 PM
This was delicious! I made a few changes: I used about a cup of freshly ground white whole wheat flour instead of the coconut flour (I don't have any of that), I used coconut oil instead of butter, added about 1/2 tsp of baking powder and used a few more nuts (I didn't measure them). It was a hit with the whole family.
# Posted By Anne | 3/6/11 12:26 PM
what could I use as a sub for the yoghurt?
# Posted By Jolie | 4/26/11 12:16 PM
This looks wonderful. I will substitute Tofutti cream cheese and use coconut oil too. Will report the results. Looks so easy!
# Posted By Jeanne | 4/26/11 7:02 PM
We just made this for our daughter's birthday breakfast. It was delicious! I had to bake it in a 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes and it was still a bit runny. I also added a little bit of cardamom to the cake. This was definitely the best received dish with coconut flour I've ever made for my family. We'll be making this again for sure.
# Posted By Katie | 5/20/11 12:41 PM
Also, you can use kefir as a sub for yogurt (that's what I did).
# Posted By Katie | 5/20/11 12:41 PM
I'm not sure how this tastes, but just FYI, it takes WAY longer than the 25 minutes stated to bake. I've had it in the oven for 35 minutes so far and it's still very very runny. I'll check it in another 10 or so.
# Posted By April | 9/23/11 5:43 PM
I really did not like the almond extract AT ALL. It was gross and ruined the entire thing. :( Next time I'll just use vanilla extract.
# Posted By Jenifer | 12/28/11 9:13 PM
It tastes good, but mine was nowhere near done in 25 minutes.
# Posted By Stuart | 2/8/12 9:05 PM
this was good, but it took about an hour for it to cook!
# Posted By lael | 5/27/12 10:29 PM
I'd say you could use thickened cream in place of the yoghurt if you so wished or whipped cream maybe as well.
Good luck, sounds yummo to me. :) I'll be trying it out for sure and have saved it down to my hard drive for future reference
# Posted By Lee | 6/19/12 11:35 PM
I made this again and LOVED it! Simple and fool proof recipe. I added a little icing to suit my taste.
# Posted By Donny W | 11/15/12 11:17 AM
It did reuire about 40 minutes to cook completely, but it came our great.
# Posted By Donny W | 11/15/12 11:18 AM
Leaving a comment since I made this based on all of the positive comments. It was just okay. If you are a fan of the eggie textured breads then it may be for you but if you are wanting a "cake" this will not serve as a substitute. Still searching for a good grain free "cake." Not sure one really exists.
# Posted By April | 11/29/12 2:27 PM
What size pan do you use for the Coffee Cake? Recipe didn't say.
# Posted By Jean | 12/27/12 7:44 PM
I love all your recipes but I wish you could put the carb count since im on a low diet.this sounds great and I have no carb maple syrup.I am sure alot of low carb would appreciate knowing how many carbs the recipe has.Thanks
# Posted By zandra m | 10/20/13 11:05 PM

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