No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars recipe photo
No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars
Photo by recipe author

Servings: 12
Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

The following ingredients are optional but I used them all:

Mash the banana with a fork, then add all the remaining ingredients, stir till combined.

Press the mixture into a plastic container with a lid or 8x8 Pan (or use whatever you want, even a cookie sheet with a raised edge will work) and freeze for a few hours.

Remove from freezer and slice into bars. Wrap individually for on the go snacks.

Recipe submitted by Averie, Phoenix, AZ

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Wow...these look great! Love the texture on these kinds of bars and oh so healthy...thanks Averie..yum!

# Posted By Pam | 3/22/10 8:50 AM
Thanks Pam, I hope you enjoy them!
# Posted By Averie | 3/22/10 10:49 AM
Hi Pam,

If you don't use protein powder will you get the same consistency? I only have egg white powder by Jay Robb.
# Posted By Marla | 3/22/10 12:41 PM
You can use any protein powder you like. In fact, they will probably "bind" together better with an animal-based protein such as egg or whey, but I use either Jay Robb or Sun Warrior's Vegan Brown Rice. It's a very flexible recipe, and you should be set, Marla!
# Posted By Averie | 3/22/10 12:53 PM
@Marla, the Jay Robb IS protein powder...protein from egg whites. Except in cooking, where the consistency is changed, the egg white powder works very well, and is so delicious. So, try it (no, I don't work for them; I just love the JR egg white protein powders). Can't wait to try this recipe, too!
# Posted By Gharkness | 3/22/10 1:04 PM
We love Averie and her fab recipes. These bars look amazing!!
# Posted By marla | 3/25/10 3:02 PM
how do you store these? fridge?? freezer??
# Posted By Tammy | 3/26/10 5:45 AM
I store them in either place and because they do have a banana in them you do want to store them in a cool place. I have kept them for more than a month in the freezer and things have been totally fine, that is me though and do whatever works for you!
# Posted By Averie | 3/26/10 11:27 AM
Can you use agave or raw honey in place of the maple syrup and would you use the same amount?
# Posted By christie | 3/29/10 6:55 AM
I see no reason why you couldn't use agave or raw honey in place of the maple. I have used half and half before of maple and agave, but never solely agave. I also don't keep raw honey on hand so don't experiment with it much but these bars are very forgiving with rations and amounts so I think just experiment a bit and you'll be fine.
# Posted By Averie | 3/29/10 12:08 PM
Thanks for the recipe. I made these today. Easy to make and came out great. I used all the ingredients including the raisins and an extra 6 chopped dates, total of 6 tbsp egg white protein powder, 1/4c maple syrup and 1/4c evap cane sugar, and almond butter. Everybody loves them! The batter was good and they're even better once cold.
# Posted By Matt | 3/30/10 3:17 AM
Thanks Matt for writing back and letting me know you made them and what substitutions you made. Indeed, they are very "flexible" bars with the ingredients so long as you stick to the basic outline of the recipe. Glad you're loving them!
# Posted By Averie | 3/30/10 11:35 AM
I love these! In fact, I have to hide them from my 4 year old. I've made them twice so far. I used half agave and half raw honey. I didn't use protein powder since I didn't have any on hand. I love how versatile this is. As you can easily change the ingredients to suit your tastes. I used carob chips and craisins. Very tasty!
# Posted By Jennypenny | 4/12/10 8:54 AM
Jennypenny, Most Excellent! Glad you love them and yes they are flexible and you can change up the ingredients to suit your needs, indeed!
# Posted By Averie | 4/12/10 11:48 AM
these are delicious and rediculously healthy... especially if you substitute cacao nibs for the chocolate chips... i use them as a post work out meal.. (i used no protein powder or flax)
# Posted By Tammy | 4/12/10 1:01 PM
These sound terrific-except for the banana! No matter how hard I try, I can't make myself like bananas! Can you please tell me if there is any substitution for the banana-or do I even need it?
Thanks for all the great recipes; I just found this site yesterday and I'm loving it already :-)
# Posted By Angelina | 6/29/10 2:16 PM
just started experimenting with raw foods and this looks like a doable recipe with a few modifications. Like the idea of substituting cacao nibs instead of the chips.
# Posted By Mitzie | 6/29/10 2:16 PM
Angelina-skip it and use extra peanut or nut butter. Or more maple/agave. Just get your dough wet enough to mold into bars.

Tammy - Glad you're enjoying them

Mitzie - Enjoy them!
# Posted By Averie | 6/29/10 2:54 PM
bananas are delicious!!! and sooooooooooooo good for you .... and forgiving if they are not organic.... try this... let them get really ripe... i mean spots all over them... really ripe... then peal them an place them in a zip lock bag and freeze them.. or wrap them individually and freeze them. you can eat them like this OR use them in recipes calling for bananas. HOWEVER, when using coconut oil, you must let your bananas get back to room temp or your coconut oil will harden. Give those bananas another shot, Angelina. :)
# Posted By Tammy | 6/30/10 6:55 AM
Have you figured out a nutrition breakdown per specific size for these bars? Thanks!
# Posted By Mimi | 7/26/10 12:28 PM
I loved this recipe so much, I doubled it the next time I made it! However, it was quite sticky to eat, so I decided to add a top layer of coconut flakes to absorb the sticky yumminess. Even my gluten-eating friends and family loved this protein bar. Thank you!!
# Posted By Lisa | 8/11/10 4:18 PM
I was wondering if you knew the caloric break down? calories and other info? Thanks so much looks yummy!!
# Posted By Maryann | 2/26/11 5:29 AM
I love bananas - but the oil in them attracts mosquitos and I am highly allergic to the beasts. So no bananas for me during mosquito season. Thanks for the alternatives.
# Posted By Tamar | 5/24/11 11:04 AM
Re Tammy: - you sound like my husband - however, I'm sensitive to most bananas -- makes my mouth itch like crazy. :-) However, I can get away with eating them once in a while, if they're the right brand (Chiquita). Dole never works. :-)
# Posted By Kathryn | 5/24/11 11:52 AM
anyone have suggestions for a grain free bar...this recipe sounds so delish, but all grains are out, even oats....
# Posted By julie | 5/24/11 12:14 PM
Julie: just use nuts & seeds & dried fruit. :)

I make a similar bar, without banana, and using far less sweetener (I don't like it so sweet).
# Posted By Thia | 5/24/11 3:25 PM
To Julia...I am the creator of this recipe. No Grains? Try seeds such as chia, sunflower, and hemp and also chopped nuts such as cashews or almonds. You need something to act as the glue in the recipe and grains are great but chia seeds, hemp seeds, or nuts will help.

For Thia, to each her own on sweetness. Glad you have a recipe you like!
# Posted By Averie | 5/24/11 4:46 PM
yup no grains, I have celiac's....and have found that I feel better not eating any type of grain, even the gluten free ones....thanks SO MUCH for the suggestions! I will definitely try them out! :)
# Posted By julie | 5/24/11 7:26 PM
Averie~ I was meaning to point out the flexibility in this recipe...even just a couple tablespoons of honey still works! :)
# Posted By Thia | 5/24/11 8:59 PM
does anyone have a suggestion instead of banana something that can keep for a a decent shelf like (2-4 weeks) without refrigeration
# Posted By Joe | 3/18/12 2:44 PM
I made these with the exact recipe and they never firmed up enough to lift them out of the container! Had to put them in individual tupperwares to eat with a spoon :(
# Posted By Lillie | 4/3/14 9:19 PM

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