Gluten Free Cheesy Garlic Coconut Quick Bread

Gluten Free Cheesy Garlic Coconut Quick Bread recipe photo
Gluten Free Cheesy Garlic Coconut Quick Bread
Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

Servings: 6

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Blend all ingredients except cheese in a food processor (or whisk by hand) until there are no lumps. If the batter is a little dry just add a tablespoon of water as needed. It should be a pretty moist, almost pourable batter. Stir in cheese. Pour into greased bread pan.

Bake in preheated oven for 40 minutes or until done (toothpick inserted in center comes out clean).

Recipe submitted Christina, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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That looks like it could just melt in your mouth...delish!

# Posted By Pam | 3/29/10 9:04 AM
I have to try this...looks so yummy!
# Posted By Marla | 3/29/10 9:48 AM
Pam: It's totally delicious! Very cheesy with a nice coconut flavor. :)

Marla: Ooo, if you do, come back and let me know how you like it!
# Posted By Sarah | 3/29/10 12:26 PM
This bread is moist and so delicious! I added 1/4 c. ground flax to mine. It's got a nice buttery and nutty taste.
# Posted By Sandra | 3/29/10 12:55 PM
Is there anything else that we could use that could replace the cheese. My daughter and I have enjoyed your banana muffins and your lemon-lime muffins too. These are the best recipes I have found for gluten, sugar and dairy free. The tropical traditional coconut oil is also the best around. Thank you.
# Posted By Cathy | 3/30/10 10:46 AM
Sandra: Glad you like it!

Cathy: Just omit the cheese if you want it to be dairy free. It'll still be incredible. I'm so glad you enjoyed the muffin recipes and love our coconut oil! :)
# Posted By Sarah | 3/30/10 2:31 PM
I'm afraid I didn't care for this bread. The problem for me was the mix of sweetness from the honey and coconut flour with the savory taste from the garlic and cheese. The two just don't go together. However, the recipe might work if the garlic and cheese were omitted and it was left as a sweet bread. I do like the use of six eggs so you are getting lots of protein.
# Posted By Dakotah | 3/31/10 1:03 PM
Just cut back or omit the honey if you don't like the sweet/savory contrast.
# Posted By Sarah | 4/1/10 3:00 PM
Hi, yes I will try this recipe again with a few alterations. It certainly is easy! I also wanted to say my boyfriend told me he "loves" this bread. :)
# Posted By Dakotah | 4/2/10 12:35 PM
I tried this for the first time today. I can't say that I thought it was delicious, but it wasn't that bad husband said "it's good"..but I wasn't that enthusastic. A little bland. I used 1 cup of cheese, 1/4 cup flax.
# Posted By CherylWr | 5/20/10 5:02 PM
This recipe is extremely versatile. I always omit the sugars because I am insulin resistant (Type II Diabetes) so I use Organic Stevia Extract. This recipe can be used for any sort of quick bread that you desire. I have added all sorts of other flavors such a finely chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes along with basil, garlic, thyme, etc, to make an "Italianish" bread. I never tried this recipe with the sweetener but did use the garlic and cheese. I use many different cheeses to achieve different flavor qualities. A big thanks to Christina in British Columbia. :-) Peace.
# Posted By "MagicDave" | 10/11/10 11:14 AM
Can this recipe be made using egg substitutes? I've tried coconut flour pancakes with a flax substitute for eggs but didn't have good luck so I'm wondering if coconut flour requires eggs? Thanks:)
# Posted By Tiffany | 10/19/10 1:53 PM
what size pan would you use?
# Posted By Betty | 11/28/10 6:52 PM
Whan can I replace the butter with
# Posted By k2thleen | 6/18/11 1:32 PM
Sounds great can you substitute coconut oil for part of the butter?
# Posted By Claudette | 6/18/11 4:42 PM
One of my all time favorite recipes!
# Posted By Lee | 7/12/11 10:36 AM
I substituted the butter for coconut oil and the cheese with a dairy free and soy free cheese called Daiya. It's made of tapioca starch and melts like real cheese. Kinda wish I had read through all the comments and I might have reduced the honey a bit...oh well,it's in the oven now, let's see how it turns out!
# Posted By Robin | 7/31/11 4:25 PM
I omitted the honey because I wanted a savory bread to go with marinara sauce. It turned out fantastic. Next time I will leave out the garlic instead and go for a sweeter bread. I love the versatility of the recipe.
# Posted By Kelli | 8/2/11 2:32 AM
Man this sounds really good. I'm STILL trying to find a really good bread recipe since going WB.I'm going to put sugar free syrup in place of the honey since I am a diabetic and that runs my blood sugar up. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us!
# Posted By Rose | 4/24/12 9:05 PM
Made this last night. It's definitely not my cup of tea. I think it would taste good as a topping on a chili, but not by itself.
# Posted By Cindy | 4/25/12 9:08 AM
Just made this! Turned out good! Left out the honey and I am going to serve it with Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash..thank you for posting.
# Posted By Cindy | 4/25/12 1:31 PM
I just made this bread and it was wonderful! Best coconut flour recipe I have found yet.

I left out the honey, and I added WAY more than a few tablespoons of water. The key was just to get it to the point that it was almost pourable. I also had to cook it ten minutes longer than the recipe called for to get a toothpick to come out clean.

This bread was absolutely incredible. Moist, wonderful bread like texture, perfect amount of taste. I used 1 cup of shredded cheddar.

Thank you so much for thos recipe!
# Posted By Jonathan | 8/20/12 6:39 PM
I made this a couple of days ago and it's fantastic. I used coconut oil instead of butter, chia seeds instead of flax and added a couple of teaspoons of dried oregano. Thanks so much for sharing this fantatic recipe.
# Posted By Deborah | 8/22/12 9:57 AM
Well, I finally got around to altering this recipe by omitting the garlic and cheese and giving it more of a sweet flair. It turned out really good. I used 3 tbsp. palm sugar syrup, 1 tsp green stevia powder, 20 drops stevia liquid and 1/2 cup chopped medjool dates. Instead of chia or flax seeds I stirred in 1/2 cup shredded coconut. It turned out great. Next time I'm going to add a banana and some vanilla.
# Posted By Dakotah | 10/7/12 11:19 AM
This was my first attempt using coconut flour and I have to say it wasn't half bad!

Like Jonathan I had to add LOTS of water (about a cup) and left out the honey for a savory bread to eat with stuffed peppers. I had to cook it for just over an hour for the toothpick to come out clean.

It tasted fantastic and was light and fluffly. If you are expecting a regular bread consistancy though, this will not give you that, it's more like a crumbly cornbread texture.

I can't wait to try the pizza crust recipe.
# Posted By Heather | 1/7/13 11:12 PM
Is there any way to make this in a bread maker?
# Posted By Nathan M | 1/22/13 2:19 PM
If I leave the honey out all together...will the recipe still work?
# Posted By Renee | 1/22/13 2:23 PM
Renee: Yes, it will. If you read the comment above yours you'll see that Heather made it successfully without honey.
# Posted By Sarah | 1/22/13 7:07 PM
This is currently in the oven. My seems very yellow. I added the 6 eggs, but it seemed like so many eggs and I had to use almond flour instead and added a tad bit more almond flour to it. Did anyone else have issues with it being too many eggs and not enough flour? It is still cooking so maybe it will turn out perfect, just looks different.....any suggestions?
# Posted By Brittany | 3/15/13 5:20 PM
Coconut flour is SOOOO different from almond flour. Coconut flour needs tons of liquid as it just sucks in all moisture. I'd think with almond flour, you'd need double or triple the amount that you would of coconut flour. I'm not sure this would work that well with almond flour. Please let us know how it worked out.
# Posted By Deborah | 3/18/13 10:21 PM
With my husband and son on GAPS this has become my go-to recipe for any bread, muffins, biscuits, etc. Instead of the garlic and pepper you can use berries and cinnamon for muffins, or any other combination of seasonings and additions you fancy. Thank you so much for posting it!
# Posted By Ana | 5/11/13 4:49 PM
I used 6 large eggs and my bread tasted extremely eggy. It was basically a coconut, cheese and garlic omelette... Should I have used 5 eggs, since they were large?
# Posted By Sarah | 5/13/13 5:09 PM
I use 6 large eggs and have never noticed it tasting very eggy. Maybe it's the coconut flour you're using?
Take care,
# Posted By Deborah | 5/14/13 11:57 PM
Absolutley awesome, made this bread to go with some cheese and wine when I had friends coming over. I planed on them eating the cheese and crackers. To my dismay, everyone loved the bread and left the crackers alone. Flavor and texture were great. I used coconut oil in place of the butter.
# Posted By Lisa | 5/18/13 9:31 AM
Would this need to be kept in the fridge to keep from getting moldy
# Posted By Kim M Vahle | 5/22/13 6:44 PM
Kim M, it depends on how warm your kitchen is. I usually find I can leave it on the counter for a couple of days and then put it into the fridge. Once I did leave it out for about 5 days and it didn't go moldy, but it went a bit slimy so I had to throw it out. I'd say, to be safe, put it into the fridge by day two.
# Posted By Deborah | 5/28/13 5:06 PM
Thanks for this recipe. It was easy to make and it turned out delicious. It makes for a great gluten free option for me.
# Posted By Blaire | 9/23/13 10:21 AM
I haven't made it yet, but plan to. This is in the response to the person who can't use cheese. I plan to use Daiya (I hope it's okay to name brand names - I have no financial interest), it's a great non-dairy, gluten free cheese substitute that melts like cheese.
# Posted By Karen | 9/30/13 8:52 AM
Wll individual slices or muffins freeze well?
# Posted By Roberta | 10/7/13 6:26 PM
Will this recipe freeze well
# Posted By Roberta | 10/7/13 6:53 PM
Roberta - It should since it's quite moist. Store it in a freezer bag and get as much air out as possible.
# Posted By Sarah S. | 10/7/13 10:24 PM
I am not a picky eater at all and have a tolerance for a lot of different things, but I canNOT eat this. It makes me shiver. I don't know where I went wrong, but I won't be trying it again.
# Posted By Joy | 2/27/14 8:43 PM
This looks and sounds wonderful! Tomorrow I will bake one w/o the honey and another one w/o the garlic and add some cardamom. Yummy!
# Posted By Jeanne | 3/5/14 5:15 PM
Delicious, dense yet light. Followed recipe & added about 1/4C water to get an almost pourable consistency. I did use Kitchenaid stand mixer to whip up the batter. Thumbs up from hubby, too.
# Posted By Kriss | 9/11/14 7:08 PM

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