Coconut Flour Oat Pancakes recipe photo
Coconut Flour Oat Pancakes
Photo by recipe author

Servings: 2
Preparation Time: 20 minutes

In a small bowl, whisk together coconut flour, oatmeal, light coconut milk, egg, and salt.

Over medium heat, heat 1 teaspoon coconut oil in a pan. Add 1/4 of the coconut flour mixture to the pan, and cook until bottom is set. Flip and cook until other side is done as well.

Remove from the pan to a plate and repeat for the rest of the batter. Top with grass-fed butter, organic maple syrup, and shredded coconut.

Recipe submitted by Evan, Marlborough, MA

*Use 1 teaspoon of coconut cream concentrate for every 6-8 oz of water for coconut cream milk. Mix together and use as directed or make homemade coconut milk.

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Those look great!
# Posted By Pam | 4/7/10 9:39 AM
By "oatmeal" do you mean dry oats or already cooked oatmeal?
# Posted By Marnie | 4/18/10 12:07 PM
Terrible, made as directed with dry oatmeal, not cooked. Mix was very dry, added the remaining coconut milk to make it more like batter. Placed it in pan and just fell apart while flipping. Ended up in the trash can!
# Posted By Doug | 5/21/10 9:08 AM
I also made it with dry oatmeal and coconut flour and it was so dry I couldn't make it stay together in the pan. It just crumbled up and was not like a pancake at all.
Help, what did I do wrong?
# Posted By Loretta | 10/2/10 10:10 PM
I used oat flour in the recipe and A LOT more liquid. I kept adding more and more tablespoons of coconut milk in. I think I got up to about 1/2 a cups worth. I also added in a tsp of vanilla and about a tsp of coconut nectar. Next time I will use a bit more salt and a little baking powder.
# Posted By MJ | 12/6/10 9:03 AM
I made this with 1/2 cup cooked, moist oatmeal. I used a 1/2 cup dry oats to make oatmeal, which made almost 1 1/2 cups cooked oatmeal, so that was a huge difference.

I added 1 banana, cinnamon, and vanilla.

My five year olds loved these! They were certainly more fragile than a traditional pancake, and I had to flip them very carefully. But, it's also the first time we had NO leftover pancakes.

Hope this helps....
# Posted By plf | 9/17/11 9:57 AM
I had good luck with the basic recipe. However, I had to add about 1/8 cup of almond meal since I only had 1/8 cup of coconut flour on hand. The result was moist enough. I know when I have made things with just coconut flour that they used up A LOT of liquid. I also seasoned the mix with half a packet of stevia and a few drops of vanilla. Next batch will have some cinnamon.
# Posted By Madeline | 11/7/12 12:25 PM
I made this and although it TASTED good, it was not like a pancake in texture. It was too dry and crumbly. I added 2 more eggs and it was better.
# Posted By PS | 6/13/14 2:44 AM

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