Gluten Free Coconut Flour Flax Bread recipe photo
Gluten Free Coconut Flour Flax Bread
photo by recipe author

Servings: 8-10
Preparation Time: 10 minutes

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease a small loaf pan (73/4" L × 41/2" W × 3" H).

2. Mix all the dry ingredients together.

3. Combine all the wet ingredients.

4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet and beat well. Batter will be thick.

5. Pour into loaf pan and bake for 40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

6. Cool completely before slicing.

Note: For moister bread, the water in the recipe can be replaced with yogurt.

Recipe submitted by Carrol, Huntington Beach, CA

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I LOVE the ingredients in this bread!!! I can't wait to try it - and will post another comment when I do! Thanks for this recipe!
# Posted By Marisa | 9/14/10 5:05 PM
Is this like a quick bread? Should there be a sweetner of some kind, like honey or molasses? Looking forward to trying this recipe. Thanks!
# Posted By Carolyn | 9/16/10 10:06 AM
Is it a 1/4 cup for the coconut oil?
# Posted By Tom | 9/16/10 12:01 PM
Is is okay to bake the flax seeds? I've always read that flax seeds and flax seed oils should not be heated as they go rancid very quickly when heated and cause free radical formation.
# Posted By Peggy | 9/17/10 11:08 AM
Tom: Yes, it's 1/4 cup.

Peggy: It's perfectly fine to bake with flax seeds. Be sure to grind your own though from whole flax since pre-ground flax seeds go rancid very quickly.
# Posted By Sarah | 9/17/10 1:22 PM
Carolyn - Yes, it's a quick bread. You can certainly add a sweetener if you wish. I usually leave it out since I'm cutting down on sugar and I use it as a sandwich bread or for toasting.
# Posted By Carrol | 9/18/10 4:39 PM
Can you use organic coconut water vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar?
# Posted By LORACA | 9/27/10 8:33 AM
I substituted chia seeds, after grinding them in my blender, for the flaxseeds in order to have more Omega 3 and not lose nutrients in the baking process. This bread is wonderful!
# Posted By Marijane | 9/28/10 4:53 AM
Loraca: Yes, you can. Coconut Water Vinegar is a good substitute for apple cider vinegar.
# Posted By Sarah | 9/28/10 11:42 AM
Marijane - chia seeds are a great sub. I've tried them in this recipe before too but the only thing that keeps me from using them all the time is that the ground chia seeds are harder to clean out of my coffee grinder :)
# Posted By Carrol | 9/28/10 11:56 AM
Can you use whole wheat flour instead of coconut flour in the coconut flour flax bread?
# Posted By elizaabeth | 9/28/10 12:05 PM
My bread did not rise like the picture, but it tasted ok. I ground cold milled flax seed. The did not pour, but was like sludge. Help.
# Posted By Toni | 9/28/10 4:10 PM
elizaabeth: This is a gluten free recipe, not meant for gluten products. I doubt that wheat flour would work, but you could try it.
# Posted By Sarah | 9/28/10 6:49 PM
I thought I heard on Dr. Oz's show that chia seeds don't have to be ground like flax does.
# Posted By Ellen | 10/1/10 11:13 AM
I sub whole wheat flour for the flax seed and got horrible results. I think coconut flour does not work with wheat - I don't know the chemistry but can tell sth is going on there when these 2 come together.
# Posted By Ethel | 10/2/10 12:34 PM
Hi Toni - If you use a larger loaf pan, the bread won't look like it rises as much. Also, this is a very thick batter. If it gets too thick, you can try adding an additional egg or reduce the coconut flour by one tablespoon.

Ethel - It's not that wheat doesn't work with coconut flour, rather, this recipe was created specifically to be wheat free. Flax has different properties than wheat so subbing one for the other will not work. If you want to use coconut flour in a traditional recipe, you can sub up to 25% of the regular wheat flour with coconut flour.
# Posted By Carrol | 10/3/10 10:40 AM
Hi Ellen - chia does not have to be ground to be added to a recipe, but it can be used as a meal also.
# Posted By Carrol | 10/3/10 10:41 AM
Easy to make! Love it. I've made an Italian cheese bread to have as a snack. I absolutely love how versatile this bread is! Thank you so much, I can eat yummy bread again!
# Posted By Andrea | 10/12/10 5:31 PM
Andrea - Cheese bread sounds tasty. I'll have to try that one myself.
# Posted By Carrol | 10/13/10 9:58 AM
Hi, I have a question, I bought pre-ground flax seed meal so how long will it take to go rancid???? I have had it about a month already. i am afraid to use it now.
# Posted By Janet | 10/16/10 4:06 PM
Janet: Pre-ground flax seeds will usually already be rancid by the time you buy them. They don't last long at all, especially at room temperature. The best thing for it now it to throw it out. It's best to just buy whole flax and grind some up whenever you need it (check Tropical Traditions' flax seed out).
# Posted By Sarah | 10/17/10 11:16 AM
I love the recipe except that my first loaf was doubled because I recognized that the recipe would not have much volume and I also used butter instead Coconut Oil and half&half instead of water. I wound up with a relatively dense loaf that was very tasty. It was great plain, buttered, with preserves, toasted...,etc. My second loaf was also a doubled recipe with some "alterations" to provide a lighter texture. I again used half&half plus I increased both the vinegar and the soda to 2 1/2 teaspoons each and 1 teaspoon of Aluminum Free Baking Powder. I used a Balloon Wisk when mixing the Eggs and added 1 Teaspoon of Mexican Vanilla Extract and 1 cup of chopped Walnuts. :-) I think that this recipe is going to prove extremely adaptable for my needs. :-)
# Posted By "MagicDave" | 10/26/10 10:04 PM
On the flax seed that 1/2c of the whole seed, prior to grinding? Or is that measurement taken after the seeds have been ground as in 1/2c flax meal?
# Posted By pooticus | 10/29/10 10:38 PM
The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of whole flax seeds ground to a meal. So you measure before you grind it. :)
# Posted By Sarah | 11/2/10 12:35 PM
In making the cheese bread, how much and what kind would one use?
# Posted By Betty | 11/12/10 1:57 PM
This is a wonderful bread. So delicious.
Mine came out a little small as the smallest loaf pan I had was still too big.
I will double the recipe next time - which will probably be this weekend :)
# Posted By Beth | 11/12/10 2:06 PM
I made this this morning. It is wonderful! I am thinking of using it to make gluten free stuffing for thanksgiving. I can't stop eating it! Thank you!
# Posted By Deidre | 11/13/10 12:53 PM
Great recipe! Just made this the first time today using the exact recipe and it is very tasty!
# Posted By Sandra | 11/18/10 2:46 PM
This recipe can also be made into herb dinner rolls by adding a teaspoon each of chopped fresh thyme, sage, and rosemary. I then use the rolls to make stuffing. Just cube, toast and use in your favorite stuffing recipe.
# Posted By Carrol | 11/24/10 12:00 AM
Can this bread be made in a bread maker? If not, do you have any recipes for gluten-free bread that can?
# Posted By t | 12/13/10 3:45 PM
OMG, this bread ROCKS! Seriously! My kids who can't have any breads and everything we have tried has been either just plain yucky, hard as a rock or filled with ingredients like rice, which feed yeast. For the first time ever, I can make a sandwich for them, and french toast! Thank you SO SO much for this recipe, you have no idea how it has changed our lives!
# Posted By Jessica | 1/6/11 2:41 PM
I cannot have eggs. Has anyone tried this recipe by substituting the eggs with flax gel or applesauce and baking powder? If so, what amount was used? I cannot use egg replacer because it contains potato starch.
# Posted By Linda | 1/16/11 10:06 PM
I cannot have eggs either...I use chia seeds, soaked in some unsweetened almond milk, it becomes like a gel, like the flaxseed, yet I think it works better then flax for this purpose, and its not good to heat flax anyway in baking..
# Posted By lisa | 1/19/11 8:47 AM
This is wonderful! The best "Paleo diet" bread that I have ever made! The bread is very dense, but tastes really great as toast with jam or as plain bread with butter.
# Posted By Bethany | 2/1/11 12:29 PM
I am on a candida elimination diet, and cannot use vinegar. What is the vinegar's action in the recipe? Can it be omitted? If so, what would the result be?
# Posted By Faye | 2/26/11 10:28 AM
The vinegar is to help the baking soda leaven the bread. You can substitute lemon juice or some other type of acid.
# Posted By Carrol | 2/26/11 7:14 PM
How much chia seed is needed to replace one egg?
# Posted By Kathy | 3/5/11 12:44 AM
Delicious ingredients, simple and nutritious. Awaiting TT ship of flour for adventure. Plan to use Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder. May add walnuts
# Posted By chuck | 3/6/11 1:14 AM
What is the carb content for each serving of this bread? Does anyone know?
# Posted By pamela | 4/11/11 2:13 PM
how much flax meal does 1/2 a cup of ground flax seed make? i only have flax meal on hand...
# Posted By silvana | 5/9/11 12:59 AM
Ground flax seed is flax meal, so you would use 1/2 cup.
# Posted By Carrol | 5/9/11 9:42 AM
I am waiting for this to cool right now, it smells great. Thanks
# Posted By Claire R Harris | 5/16/11 10:24 AM
I would love to try this recipe using a combination of coconut flour and almond flour. Would this work and how you would change the recipe.
# Posted By Patricia | 8/9/11 1:06 PM
Does anyone have the nutritional information on this recipe? It looks yummy but I need to know how it'll fit into my diet and plan for the calories. Also, are the flax seeds necissary? Or can they be left out? Thanks!
# Posted By Michelle | 9/7/11 7:01 PM
my son can not eat eggs.. is there something else you can suggest that I use to replace the eggs. he is on a gluten and casein free diet too and the egg alergy..please help we want bread so bad back on our lives..thx
# Posted By eliana | 9/24/11 6:36 AM
I don't know how safe flax boiled a few minutes and allowed to rest till it's the consistency of eggs would be; in high amounts flax can be toxic. But I'd start my research there if your son cannot eat eggs.

Have you considered the GAPS diet? If you google that you'll flind good info there.

# Posted By pamela | 9/24/11 12:57 PM
Instead of baking soda, can baking powder be used instead?

Also, I cannot have vinegar...what is a good substitute?

Is the flax needed?

Nutritional info?
# Posted By Bee | 9/29/11 10:45 AM
I am really wanting to try this bread, but I do not have a loaf pan yet. I am wondering which size is the best for the amount in this recipe?
# Posted By Lindsey | 10/10/11 12:24 AM
Lindsey - I included the size of the pan I used in the recipe - see above.
# Posted By Carrol | 10/10/11 9:41 PM
I love the recipe. It's very nutritious. Mine turned out a bit "eggy" and it didn't really rise. Any suggestions. I followed recipe exactly. I'm going to add this recipe to my website.
# Posted By Jason | 10/11/11 3:33 PM
Made exactly by the recipe with the substitution of the yogurt as suggested for moister bread. Came out the expected size with good rise (I had the correct size loaf pan.) Bread was moist...but dry at the same time when eaten just sliced, nothing on it. I preferred it toasted and cooled. The flax grinds into more than the amount stated so substituting meal instead of grinding it yourself will not be an equal substitute. (I didn't measure after grinding, sorry.) I think I would have enjoyed this bread with fruit and nuts in it because the coconut was a prominent flavor (of course). Made this for my gluten intolerant sister and niece. They thought it would benefit from the nuts and fruit idea.
# Posted By Maureen | 11/17/11 1:58 PM
How many grams of carbs are in a slice of this bread? My husband is diabetic and we count everything we he is eating. I made the bread this afternoon and it is a little dense, but I like it and am going to do some experimenting with it.
# Posted By Debbie Gray | 12/16/11 5:20 PM
325 degrees are F or celcius???
# Posted By demi | 1/11/12 4:19 AM
demi: Fahrenheit.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 1/12/12 12:53 PM
My loaf did not rise. Pan was correct size and I used everything recipe called for, except I only had Cold Milled Golden Flax Seed which is alread ground and I used the 1/2 cup. Would that have been too much? My ingredients were at room temperature except the melted coconut oil which might have been lukewarm and the yogurt was right out of the fridge.
# Posted By Carol | 1/21/12 6:18 PM
Is this bread not supposed to rise at all? Mine did not. Bread was a bit salty, I suggest putting in a bit less salt and replacing with sugar. The bread was a great texture though... I eat a few slices every morning with my favorite jam.
# Posted By Rina | 1/22/12 12:21 PM
Debbie and Michelle: I analyzed the recipe using the 'Diet Controller' software on my computer and the info on Bob's Coconut Flour bag. Using 1/2 cup whole flaxseeds and grade 'large' eggs, the whole loaf came out to 1508 calories, 58 grams of carbs, 121 grams of fat and 54 grams of protein. Hope this helps.
# Posted By Ursula | 2/18/12 11:24 AM
The loaf pan size specified sounds weird to me. I just have standard bread loaf pans. Would this recipe work in one of those, like maybe if I doubled it? A loaf pan that's over 70" long wouldn't even fit in my cabinets.
# Posted By Diane | 3/22/12 10:43 AM
what is the dietary fiber in this recipe. i know it say the carb is 58g
# Posted By abena | 3/29/12 8:58 AM
abena: based on 1/2 cup whole flax seed (which you grind for the recipe) and 1/2 cup coconut flour, the total for the recipe is 43 grams of fiber.
# Posted By Ursula | 3/29/12 2:02 PM
This bread didn't rise for me, either. :-( I followed the recipe to a "T". Even used a fresh box of baking soda.
# Posted By Gabriella | 4/17/12 2:41 AM
This looks really good, and would love to try it.

Can you substitute another oil if I don't have cocunut oil?
# Posted By Joanne | 8/6/12 11:48 AM
Joanne - you can use either butter or ghee. Olive oil may work, too, although I have not tried it.
# Posted By Carrol | 8/8/12 12:36 PM
This looks fantastic! I am going to try this tonight. Maybe I will separate the eggs and beat the whites til fluffy, then fold them into the batter and bake for a good rise.. I'll report back! :)

Jill, Splendid Stones Artisan Jewelry
# Posted By Jill | 8/15/12 3:15 PM
I tried this recipe last night, separating the eggs and beating the whites to soft peaks before mixing them with the other wet ingredients and then folding the dry ingredients in. I also added 1/2 tsp baking powder. Unfortunately the loaf did not rise at all. The flavor was fine though. I ended up cutting it into cubes and drying them in the oven and pulverizing them into bread crumbs, which I proceeded to use in making 3 lbs of meatballs. I have some leftover crumbs I'll be able to use up in some meatloaf I can make and freeze, so it was not a total loss. I think next time I'll try adding much more baking soda/powder.

# Posted By Jill | 8/16/12 8:31 AM
@Diane, I think there is some confusion on the pan size, there appears to be a couple spaces missing in the measurements above. Pretty sure she means a 7 3/4" x 4 1/2" pan, not over 70 inches. What I would call a quick bread pan, not a loaf bread pan.
# Posted By Peggy | 8/16/12 12:52 PM
did anyone try this with almond floar instead of the flax seed yet and did it work?
# Posted By Andrea | 8/21/12 10:56 PM
hello, great recipe! My son is allergic to flax. Can I use psyllium. and would you know how much I should use. Can I use the same amount of psyllium to flax in this recipe?
# Posted By Olga | 8/31/12 1:06 AM
I just made this recipe. I used almond milk instead of the water because I didn't have any yogurt. Also I used applesauce instead of the apple cider vinegar because I didn't have any of that and I don't know if that was a good substitute or not. The bread tasted very good, but it did not rise at all. I would like to make this again because it tastes good, but I would also like it to rise. Any suggestions?
# Posted By Sheri | 10/19/12 5:25 PM
Sheri, apple cider vinegar is not like apple sauce. It's not the apple that's important but the vinegar part. It causes it to rise. If you're going to replace it, replace it with lemon juice or something else acidic. :)
# Posted By Rose | 11/19/12 6:29 PM
Also, to those of you on the Candida diet, apple cider vinegar is the only vinegar which is in fact permitted on the diet. It is even beneficial to the diet.
# Posted By Rose | 11/19/12 6:30 PM
Thank you Rose, I bought the apple cider vinegar and the next time I make this bread I will use it! Thanks!
# Posted By Sheri | 11/22/12 3:30 AM
Myself and my husband are allergic to there a way to substitute for so many eggs?
# Posted By lori davis | 1/9/13 12:44 PM
I love the taste of this bread. I totally get the size thing, I baked it in a reg bread pan and got a flatter bread but the taste is amazing, thanks a lot for this recipe. I followed to a T but added third of a cup of Maca powder resulting in a caramelized taste throughout the bread, delicious!!!
# Posted By mario | 4/13/13 9:18 AM
I'm a pretty good cook, but I'm a horrible baker! I love bread! Bread hates me! Today I was sitting at home board taking care of a health issue. Suddenly I craved bread! Not good! I got the idea of search for a simple and fast gluten free bread. The recipe had to be simple, easy and tasty. I can cook, I know flavour, tastes and texture. I saw this recipe in 1 hit! I liked everything about it! Since I had all the ingredients, I decided to give it a go. Ok so i made to minor alterations... 1/4 c flax + 1/8 C Chia + 1/8 C Hemp. I left that amount of water intact but added 1 heaping table spoon of raw grass-fed Greek yogurt. What an AWESOME BREAD. Thanks to you I can say that I can bake a mean bread!
# Posted By Jose | 6/13/13 10:03 PM
This is my first coconut flour venture! I followed the recipe exactly. I'm a bit concerned because I'm a fairly accomplished bread maker & I don't see how this recipe is going to rise. The batch only half filled the loaf pan. Guess I will find out in about 40 mins. :D Fingers crossed!
# Posted By Pegasus | 6/25/13 6:39 PM
I was so excited to find this recipeand see the beautiful picture of your baked bread.I baked it today.i am most disappointed! My texture was runny not firm and the bread did not rise. Please tell me where i went wrong?
# Posted By Elizabeth Alexander | 7/30/13 8:11 AM
This is a really tasty and easy recipe. It makes a nice dense bread and Is a real treat.
# Posted By Monica | 11/15/13 1:45 PM
I just made this bread. Grounded my own flax seed and once it came out of oven and i tried it, it tastes very strange. I didnt miss anything, i double checked and it almost smells....super confused. Could it be the flax? The taste is odd. When I made it with chia seeds vs flax, it turned out great.
# Posted By Mara | 1/31/14 5:07 PM
I just started making this but accidentally used baking powder instead of baking soda. I hope it rises enough. It does see. To be very dense. Next time I think I will add a half cup of high fat greek yogurt to the mix.
# Posted By Andrew | 3/8/14 6:09 PM
This recipe was nothing like I hoped. I am just sad that I wasted so many eggs. My slices looked like pieces of biscotti and tasted really salty.
# Posted By Jean | 3/15/14 11:21 PM
I made a loaf this morning and it did not rise also. Followed resipe to a T also. I used my larger loaf pan. I think the next time I will experiment and also use my small loaf pan. Great taste.
# Posted By Debbie G | 3/16/14 4:06 PM
Where do you get coconut flour
# Posted By Tahnia | 3/17/14 7:41 AM
Can you use chia seeds ground instead of flax?
# Posted By Kay | 4/5/14 11:00 AM
I'm new at making bread, I bought a new bread machine with a gulten free setting, can you make this in a bread machine?
# Posted By Kathy | 8/14/14 2:20 PM
Best bread ever!! I've made it twice using the yogurt both times. It's moist, flavorful, and very satisfying! Thank you! I can stop looking for for a gluten-free quick bread recipe!!
# Posted By Janice | 8/21/14 9:20 PM
This is an easy and tasty bread. Rancid flax seed may be the reason some people have reported bad flavor or no rise. Beside the eggs, the vinegar and baking soda combined give the rise, so my theory is that the free radicals from the rancid flax are affecting that chemical reaction. Also, runny batter could be from improper coconut flour measurement. It has different properties than gluten flour most of us are used to, so google it before using it...
# Posted By Sara | 9/24/14 9:43 PM
delicious bread. One issue though, it did not rise at all. I followed the recipe to a tee and I have a small, squat loaf. Any suggestions
# Posted By Tisane | 10/25/14 8:34 PM

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