Coconut Almond Cups recipe photo
Coconut Almond Cups recipe photo
photo by recipe author

Servings: 12+
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Coconut base:

Chocolate topping:

1. Make coconut base: Combine melted coconut oil and raw honey. Whisk well to combine. Add shredded coconut and almond extract.

2. Using a small scoop, divide coconut mixture among 24 mini cupcake molds. Sprinkle each one with a little of the chopped almonds, dividing evenly. Place in the freezer on a level surface for 30 minutes to harden.

3. In the meantime, make chocolate topping: combine cocoa powder, honey, and coconut oil in a glass bowl set over simmering water. Whisk until coconut oil is almost completely smooth. Remove from heat and continue whisking, adding vanilla and coffee liqueur.

4. Remove frozen coconut bases from freezer and spoon a little of the chocolate topping on each cup. Place back in the freezer for another 30 minutes until frozen and set.

Recipe submitted by K, Tempe, AZ

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I wonder if you could take this recipe and make your own mounds and almond joys.
# Posted By Amanda | 1/3/11 12:37 PM
Absolutely. There is even a square plastic mold for candy that works well. Enjoy.
# Posted By Nedra | 1/3/11 12:47 PM
# Posted By Cathi | 1/9/11 5:04 PM
This recipe sounds intriguing - but how do you serve the cups? Frozen - or go to room temperature and then add whipping cream? Fruits?
# Posted By MG | 1/10/11 9:12 AM
MG: This is a "candy" type recipe. You eat it as is, once it has set up in the freezer.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 1/10/11 12:34 PM
So tasty! Just the right size for a little evening treat:)
# Posted By dianne | 1/11/11 6:22 PM
This was a big hit. I cheated; I put it all in a loaf pan and cut into chunks, instead of making individual cups.

I wasn't too sure about the toasted almond layer, but that turned out to be a crucial ingredient; very flavorful!
# Posted By naomi w. | 1/12/11 11:09 AM
WOW!! My boyfriend is an Almond Joy fan (several a week) and I had been wanting to make my own version....and you did it for me! He kept saying how these were! They sit up very nicely once each layer is frozen and they stay that way, once stored in the fridge. I just added a few tablespoons of coconut cream concentrate during each stage. I also squeezed in some fresh orange juice (teaspoon) at each layer. I used Hershey dark cocoa and Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips for the top layer. thank you so much, this was such great timing. he is requesting more!
# Posted By Caroline | 1/16/11 8:36 AM
This recipe is the bomb! My husband and I are trying not to be sugar addicts, and this candy really hits the spot. You don't even need that much, you feel so satisfied (and full) from just a little piece. Thank you for sharing!
# Posted By Leah | 1/24/11 3:52 PM
These were better than I thought they were gonna be. Yummy! I did substitute a few ingredients. I didn't have almond extract so I used amaretto syrup instead. And I used raw almond slices instead of chopped and roasted almonds. I used a square dish and cut them into bite size pieces instead of mini cup cake liners. I'm a huge almond joy fan and I loved these! I'm not a huge fan of chocolate though, so I'm gonna cut the choc topping recipe in half next time I make them.
# Posted By H | 1/25/11 1:28 PM
Will this still be good if I omit the coffee liquer, or substitute with something else. Thanks for any suggestions.
# Posted By Victoria | 6/25/11 2:12 PM
I wonder if i could change the honey to Splenda?
# Posted By Marsha | 6/25/11 3:15 PM
Marsha: We don't recommend using Splenda as it is not a healthy product.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 6/25/11 4:58 PM
What about replacing some of the sugars with type Stevia that can be used in baking? What would be the proper amount?
# Posted By MG | 6/25/11 5:53 PM
Victoria, I've made these several times & never used coffee liquer (or maybe I used amaretto once). Anyway you don't need it. My hubby & half of my girls don't prefer the chopped up almonds, so I make half w/o the almonds (well hubby's sometimes allergic to almonds). We love these!!
# Posted By Julie | 3/13/13 3:20 AM

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