Almond Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies photo
Almond nJoy
photo by recipe author

Servings: 12 plus
Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Mix the first four ingredients together in a bowl until well mixed. Roll into balls and then roll in coconut. Add an almond to each ball and chill.

Fast, easy, and perfect every time.

Recipe submitted by Ben, Golconda, IL

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The author is a good friend. My daughter and I have made this recipe many times.......decadent! Taste just like an Almond Joy! I love recipes you just "dump" in a bowl and mix up. I am gluten and sugar intolerant so this is PERFECT for me.
# Posted By cathy | 4/12/11 12:00 AM
Is it supposed to have almond butter? I dont see it in the recipe?
# Posted By Toni | 4/14/11 3:08 PM
This recipe does not work as printed... Is it supposed to have almond butter or something else in it? With the way it's printed, there is hardly enough to form 12 pieces. Also, I used brown rice syrup as the sweetener & it was not even close to being sweet. Please fix this so we can enjoy the 'almond joy'!
# Posted By Barbara | 4/18/11 2:17 PM
Barbara: As a previous comment has stated this recipe does work. Try softening the coconut cream concenteate before using so that it mixes easier. Brown rice syrup isn't very sweet so if you use that as a sweetener you'll have to at least double the amount.
# Posted By Sarah | 4/18/11 8:06 PM
Where I live, the coconut oil and coconut cream concentrate never melt at room temp. I have a full large jar of the coconut cream and can not even scoop any out. I do not know how to use it with out melting the whole jar each time I want some. don't even really know how to do that. any suggestions?
# Posted By Linda | 4/19/11 5:19 PM
@Linda: I have the same problem with my coconut oil as I live in WI. I usually just scoop some out and put it in a shallow bowl, which I place in a bit larger bowl filled with hot water. It melts pretty quickly. That way I avoid melting the whole jar every time.
# Posted By Cindy | 4/20/11 9:54 AM
Do you use raw almonds? If so do you soak them first?
# Posted By Cindy Schulteis | 4/20/11 9:55 AM
These are really really really really quite good. I could barely keep from eating the whole batch...
# Posted By GiryaGirl | 4/28/11 11:33 PM
Hello, I made these today and thought the same thing (there needs to be something more...) So I added 2 T Almond meal, 2 T almond butter and a total of 2 tsp raw honey.
Therefore I now have an Almond joy within the ball, not just because there is an almond on top.
# Posted By Sondra | 6/13/11 7:20 PM
I too live in a cooler climate. When my coconut cream arrived I warmed the whole jar on a heating pad, stirred it to distribute the solids and liquid evenly, then put just a cup or so into a smaller container and can warm just that small amount when I want to use it. I wont mind doing it again later when I've used this, at least its not every time.
# Posted By Laurie | 6/20/11 2:48 PM
i haven't used the CCC yet but was wondering.....can i heat up the whole jar, stir it really well and then store in the fridge for scooping? that's what i do with my peanut butter. i mix the oil in and then store it upside down in my fridge. do you think that would work well? maybe i should even put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes to have it firm up quickly, keeping the oil evenly distributed and then move to the fridge.....any ideas or suggestions?
i know i won't use it much if it has to be heated every time.....
# Posted By aimee | 6/29/11 3:12 PM
Aimee: If you store CCC in the fridge it'll turn rock hard. Usually, (depending on the room temp) after you melt it down and stir it all together it'll stay a nice, spreadable consistency.

If you need it to firm up again quickly, stick it in the freezer for about 1 minute intervals or so and stir until it reaches the desired consistency.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 6/29/11 6:59 PM
thanks for the info! i melted it in my always warm gas oven and then used a stick blender in the jar. worked perfectly! now can't wait to try a healthy recipe :)
# Posted By aimee | 6/29/11 8:03 PM
I'd Love to try this! It sounds amazing! I love anything coconut! Tight Wad in Utah sent me so thanks to her. I'm excited to keep lookint through your site.
# Posted By Andrea | 7/7/11 11:29 AM
Why not use cacao powder instead of carob? It tastes so much better. cacao powder has many health benefits. It's the sugar in chocolate that makes it bad for you.
# Posted By Joyce | 10/22/11 4:05 PM
Miss my Almond Joys since going gluten and sugar free. I'm so excited to try this!
# Posted By Judy Hannan | 11/8/11 5:52 AM
I warmed my CCC and mixed it well, then measured out 1 tbs portions and put it in ice cube trays and allow to solidify. This way, I only have to heat the jar once and my CCC is premeasured for ease of use.
# Posted By Sarah | 12/8/11 4:20 PM
brilliant idea Sarah!
# Posted By aimee | 12/10/11 10:03 AM
These are absolutely delicious. I made the amount indicated in the recipie yesterday, adding tahini, and am having to make more today becasue my 6 year old granddaughter liked them so much they didn't last long. Today I'm using home made almond butter, and initial taste tests indicate YUMMY. I also added a little chocolate & vanilla extracts.
# Posted By Devona | 1/19/12 5:32 PM
For those who don't know, a good way to add sweetener to anything that contains dried shredded unsweetened coconut, is to put some sweetener into a little bit of liquid (even coconut milk made with extra of the coconut and some water would do) and then soak the dried coconut in that for awhile. Then you have very sweetened coconut. We did this for almond joys way back.
# Posted By PJ | 11/12/12 12:00 AM
Should the coconut cream taste r smell like coconut I just got this today
# Posted By Cynthia | 3/15/13 7:44 PM
Coconut cream concentrate from Tropical Traditions usually has a smell of coconut but it's not overpowering. Other types might not.
# Posted By JOyce | 3/18/13 10:46 PM
Excellent! I'm a bad girl, I added chocolate chips:) very yummy. Thank you
# Posted By Sandria | 3/21/13 8:16 PM

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