Sweet Potato Vanilla Patty Cakes photo
Sweet Potato Vanilla Patty Cakes
photo by recipe author

Servings: 12 large cookies
Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Let chill in the fridge or freezer until malleable. Form into flat "cakes." Make sure they are relatively thin, like a 1/4 inch thick.

Fry in coconut oil until golden brown. Drizzle with maple syrup and dust with coconut flour.

Recipe submitted by Jaclyn, Guelph, ON

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this recipe looks great! have you made them any way other than frying them?
# Posted By n.g. | 5/21/11 2:04 PM
How do you cook the sweet potato, bake it or some other way? Thanks
# Posted By christie | 5/23/11 5:32 PM
Christie: You could bake or boil it until soft.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 5/23/11 9:32 PM
1. what is a flax egg? 2. do you have any other suggestions to sub for the quinoa flour? thank you!
# Posted By Sabrina | 6/2/11 7:35 PM
Sabrina: The recipe says a flax egg is 1 tablespoon of ground flax with 3 tablespoons of water.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 6/3/11 12:33 AM
A "flax egg" is used to mimic the properties of an egg in baking without using eggs--for those who can't or don't eat eggs.
# Posted By Jan | 8/19/11 4:53 PM
These look and sound divine!! Can't wait to try them. Thanks for sharing.
# Posted By okieplum | 8/19/11 7:38 PM
I didn't mean to rate this 2 stars--I haven't made it yet, I accidentally clicked on the star icon at the 2nd star, and I can't figure out how to un-rate it.
# Posted By Tanya | 8/21/11 5:01 AM
I imagine amaranth flour might work instead of the quinoa, right? I may try these using amaranth flour, and substituting red potatoes for the sweet potatoes (I am doing the Body Ecology Diet; sweet potatoes have too much sugar). Cool recipe! I am not allowed maple syrup either, so I may just top with xylitol or stevia with cinnamon.
# Posted By Jonathan | 8/26/11 12:01 PM
I'll probably try these again but mine were very dry and crumbly even after adding 2 T extra water. They looked nothing like beautiful ones in the picture. I baked my sweet potato, would that have made this not work?
# Posted By Stacy | 9/9/11 11:04 AM
what can you sub for quinoa flour?
# Posted By Kapu | 9/30/11 9:02 PM
I also would like to know what you could use instead of quinoa flour. Maybe rice flour? Also could you just use an egg in place of the flax egg?
# Posted By Angie | 10/29/11 5:17 PM
being on very restricted diet, i made sweet potato patties using 1 baked sweet potato, peeled and well mashed with fork
egg sub (flax + water)
about 1/4 - 1/2 cup quinoa flour
mix well, form into patties. can chill an hour to keep from falling apart so much. Drizzle tiny amount of pecan oil in no stick skillet and pan fry each side until browned. These are delicious ...without sugar, soy, dairy gluten and anything else i can't eat.
# Posted By Gorettia Knight | 2/22/12 11:56 AM

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