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Movie Popcorn
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This is the recipe that movie theatres used for years -- the secret to the world's best popcorn. Our guests always rave about this snack when we serve it on a game night.

Servings: 4-6
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

In a large pan or wok (a wok is ideal), melt coconut oil over medium heat. Add popcorn and cover pot with lid slightly ajar to allow steam to escape.

Separately, melt butter in a small saucepan. (The butter will have the most flavor when it is slightly scalded but not burnt, a light brown color.)

As soon as popcorn is done popping, turn heat to lowest setting. Drizzle 1/3 of the butter over the popcorn, sprinkle with salt, and stir. Repeat.

Hint: After adding butter and salt, if you leave the pan full of popcorn sitting on lowest heat for 5-10 more minutes, it will continue to eliminate the remaining moisture in the popped kernels, making the crunchiest popcorn.

Recipe submitted by Jeff, Eagle, ID

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This sounds delicious! Combining coconut oil with butter is fantastic! Also, sprinkling curry powder or nutritional yeast on top of the popcorn, and mixing it thoroughly, will make addicts of you!
# Posted By Angelica | 6/17/11 12:53 PM
Make popcorn like this all the time! My family loves it! Sooo, much better than anything from a microwave & cheaper!
# Posted By Rachelle | 6/17/11 12:54 PM
This is how I've been making popcorn since our air popper bit the dust. So yumsters.
# Posted By Orodemniades | 6/17/11 3:07 PM
Sounds so good I'm off to make some popcorn! I use a 4 to 1 ratio, add the sea salt some to the melted mix, and shake on more after mixing the popcorn.I do use an airpopper.For fun sometimes I add Spike, but my cats just love it plain.
# Posted By Libby | 6/17/11 11:08 PM
I'll have to try the curry powder.

A dash of black pepper is another great optional addition to try.

Once you try cooking it in the coconut oil, you'll never go back to using an air popper.
# Posted By Jeff | 6/18/11 12:53 AM
I also like to use popcorn salt for this recipe -- it's regular salt, no added flavors, but more finely ground, so it mixes more evenly.
# Posted By Jeff | 6/18/11 12:57 AM
Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, and I'm always looking for healthier ways to enjoy... Popped in the air popper is so much better than the unhealthy bagged popcorn....
# Posted By Jeff | 6/18/11 1:58 AM
I have been making a version of this for years. Use organic popcorn, expeller pressed coconut oil, and be sure to use Himalayan salt! It does not need butter!
# Posted By Jim | 6/19/11 7:42 PM
i need for butter
# Posted By deone | 6/20/11 11:05 AM
We have a flat top range. Do you have to shake the skillet or wok for consistent cooking? I'm worried about scratching up the glass. This recipe sounds so yummy!!!
# Posted By Jeff | 6/29/11 7:50 PM
Jeff: Just pick the skillet up off the stove top when you shake it. It'll work just as well!
# Posted By Sarah:) | 6/29/11 8:41 PM
Try adding 1/2 to 1 T of organic palm oil to this mix. Gives it that lovely buttery color and flavor, plus all the benefits of the palm oil. No butter needed.
# Posted By Erin | 6/30/11 12:14 AM
I make popcorn almost every night just to make sure i am getting my good fats i dont use anything but coconut oil and seasalt YUMMMY and a good snack
# Posted By Bev | 6/30/11 9:02 AM
This was ridiculously good. The smell of coconuts filled the room as the popcorn popped which made us salivate in anticipation. The flavour was more subtle but definitely there, and the popcorn was so addictive!
# Posted By Kristy | 7/27/11 8:12 PM
I must have done something wrong. I left the pan on medium heat, and it took a while (maybe 5 minutes) before the popcorn was popped, but it was not popped completely (most were half popped). I kept heating the popcorn, more popped but I ended up with some brown pieces at the bottom. Could it be that the heat was not high enough or any other cause?
# Posted By Travelling fork | 8/8/11 8:29 PM
We use one of those whirly popper. Popcorn is Always Sunday dinner in this household.
# Posted By Mary Ann | 8/13/11 2:34 PM
Instead of butter, my family uses Flax oil n salt, and of course the coconut oil.
# Posted By Jan E | 8/13/11 4:40 PM
I use a simular recipe and add african bird pepper (cayenne). It is most addictive.
# Posted By JW | 8/15/11 8:45 AM
I do almost exactly the same thing, except that I used TT's palm oil shortening melted with equal parts butter. My kids really love it.
# Posted By Michelle | 11/25/11 12:54 PM
GAHLIC powder dahlings!!! {{{whew}}} or should I have said {{{peeyou}}} TRAVELING FORK: I turn my pan on high... add the coconut oil.... along with 5 kernels. When they pop, add in the all the rest of them and make sure you keep the pan moving! When it slows down popping, shut off the heat. Works so well, but be careful. We had an explosion one night and the popcorn kernels hit the burner and set on fire... then landed on the floor. OOPSIE... Never stopped me from eating though!!!
# Posted By Dee | 11/25/11 6:12 PM
I like the palm oil idea as well as the cayenne idea for the next time I pop corn:)
# Posted By brown | 12/1/11 9:24 AM
This is amazing!!! Whole family loved it! Used my whirly-pop, added sea salt, and no one thought it needed butter, fantastic without! Even my "extra butter flavor microwave popcorn" addicted son loved this and asked for more. I would 100% recommend a whirly-pop to everyone using this recipe.
# Posted By Toni | 12/18/11 2:39 PM
I used my cast iron wok and didn't have a lid large enough so I placed a mesh cover on top with a lid over it. It immediately began to pop and smelled amazing! All the directions I followed to a t except I used organic cane sugar rather than salt and didn't add butter but used fresh ground cinnamon. Oh wow it was awesome! Thank you for this recipe. =)
# Posted By Teka | 6/6/12 6:59 PM
Add about 1tablespoon sugar, maybe 2 to the oil swirl till mixed well add popcorn and cover push back and forth over heat to keep sugar from burning in one place makes best ever kettle corn
# Posted By Leslie | 6/11/12 4:26 PM

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