Gluten Free Chicken Fingers photo
Gluten Free Chicken Fingers
photo by recipe author

Servings: 4
Preparation Time: easy prep 5 minutes

Pour 1-2 inches of coconut oil into skillet. Heat skillet to 350 degrees.

Pat chicken dry with paper towel.

Mix parmesan cheese, coconut flour, salt & pepper together in a medium bowl.

Dip chicken fingers into beaten egg whites. Then place them in the coconut flour mixture. Make sure to coat the chicken fingers well.

When the oil is heated to 375 degrees, add one chicken finger to oil to test. The chicken finger should fry for 4-6 minutes to completely cook. Adjust heat if needed and continue to fry the rest of the chicken fingers 3 to 4 at a time. Turn chicken fingers half way through cooking.

Place fried chicken fingers on a paper towel lined plate after frying. Keep warm in 200 degree oven until ready to serve.

Recipe submitted by Tiffany, Junction City, OR

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I've done this with coconut flour and buttermilk instead of the egg white and it's amazingly good. Just enough coconut taste to make it seem exotic and like someone went to a lot of trouble.
# Posted By Kathy | 9/26/11 1:46 PM
IWAS wondering about fried chicken in coconut oil and flour since i'm a gluten free diet and low doesnt look like this would have many carbs thanks for jumping ahead of me with the receipe. cant wait to try it
# Posted By zandra | 9/26/11 3:45 PM
This was very good! I added a little garlic powder and some grated coconut to the flour mixture and served it with a mustard/apricot/mango chutney mix. Yum!
# Posted By Katara | 10/8/11 6:43 PM
Very tasty and simple to make! I was out of Parmesan so I used monteray jack cheese and it turned out great.
# Posted By Elizabeth | 10/11/11 4:05 PM
Hi wondering the calorie count and sodium,suger,fat etc...?
# Posted By Debi | 10/22/11 6:21 PM
I can't eat dairy, either. what can you substitute for the cheese? Would almond meal work?
# Posted By Cheryl | 2/11/12 7:30 PM
How would this turn out if you baked it instead of frying? Could you still incorporate the coconut oil somehow by coating the chicken in it along with the egg whites maybe?
# Posted By Annette | 2/18/12 6:03 PM
You could try greasing the pan generously with coconut oil and turning the chicken over halfway through baking.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 2/18/12 8:20 PM
Nutritional yeast can add a cheese-y flavor!
# Posted By cat | 4/1/12 2:43 PM
Have just become enlightened about coconut oil and am totally overwhelmed by how many recipes are out there! They look delicious and am dying to try the granola bars and chicken fingers and the split pea soup and on and on. Any suggestions on recipes I can get the whole family to enjoy? It's great to have found you all. Thanks!
# Posted By Debra N | 8/1/13 5:55 PM

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