Gluten and Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins Recipe photo
Gluten and Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins Recipe
photo by recipe author

Servings: 12
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Combine and sift dry ingredients

Puree or mash 2 medium bananas (about 1 cup) and mix with eggs, one at a time.

Add vanilla extract, coconut oil, lemon juice and zest then combine with dry ingredients.

Finally, fold in walnuts and blueberries.

Back for 18 to 20 minutes at 400 degrees

Recipe submitted by James, New York, NY

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I froze a ton of fresh bluberries last week so they wouldn't spoil. So you think adding them in while frozen would work?
# Posted By Ashley | 6/7/12 4:25 PM
Yes, that should be fine.
# Posted By Sarah:) | 6/8/12 11:25 AM
There is no sugar or sweetener in this recipe. Is this correct?
# Posted By RK | 6/9/12 12:57 PM
I should have titled the muffins "GF and no added sweetener" as there is sugar from the blueberries, bananas, and coconut flour.
# Posted By Top Jimmy | 6/10/12 10:56 PM
There is no added sweetener, but there is sugar from the coconut flour, banana, and blueberries.
# Posted By Top Jimmy | 6/11/12 9:54 PM
I LOVE these muffins!!! My daughter does too! I make a batch and freeze them so I can have them whenever I want.
# Posted By Tricia | 7/21/12 8:02 PM
Thanks so much for posting that. It made my day! So glad you enjoyed them.
# Posted By Top Jimmy | 7/23/12 10:38 PM
Love these muffins. I make them with all types of fruit-raspberries, blackberries, peaches, whatever I have. Thanks for this recipe!
# Posted By Lori | 8/24/12 9:43 AM
My pleasure. You are so welcome!
# Posted By Top Jimmy | 8/26/12 8:32 PM
These muffins are fantastic! I only had 5 eggs the first time I made these and they worked out fine. I've tried them with mixed berries as well instead of blueberries and they were amazing. Definitely the best coconut flour muffin recipe I've ever tried (thank you so much for posting it!).
# Posted By Emma | 10/28/12 9:15 PM
How nice of you to say that. Thank you! I'm working on a new recipe that I hope to share soon.

# Posted By Top Jimmy | 10/31/12 8:41 PM
I was excited about this one, as I'm new to cooking with coconut flour... But I have to say they turned out tasting like wet, eggy sponges.... Though I was careful to follow the recipe exactly, perhaps I did something wrong.
# Posted By Kelly | 11/23/12 5:22 PM
I've made these before with all types of fruit and recently tried them with vegan carob chips since I can't have chocolate. They were yummy.
# Posted By Lori | 11/26/12 10:46 AM
WOW! I am impressed. These are great! I modified the ingredients some...I skipped the salt, used regular veg. oil and did not have lemon zest and instead of mashed bananas used baby food jars of bananas. Thanks for sharing, these will become a staple in my house!
# Posted By jennifer | 1/11/13 5:30 PM
So happy this recipe is still receiving acclaim!
# Posted By Jimmy R | 1/14/13 5:22 PM
Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I just tried it and these muffins are delicious and very satisfying. I baked them in silicone muffin "tins". The muffins popped out pretty easily but parts of the bottoms, which were baked through but still quite moist, wanted to stay in the form. I suspect I need to bake them just a wee bit longer. That's what I will try next time. Thanks again, James!
# Posted By Mary E | 1/25/13 5:15 PM
Or drop a bit of coconut oil in them before filling. You're very welcome!
# Posted By Jimmy R | 1/27/13 3:54 AM
These were not good at all! No taste or flavor, the blueberries are better by themselves eaten right out of the container.
# Posted By Shannon | 2/5/13 11:24 AM
I don't have any coconut oil will this rescipe still work. Thank you
# Posted By Caroline | 2/7/13 3:16 AM
Does the recipe change for high altitude baking - I live in the mountains of Montana
# Posted By carmen w | 3/5/13 1:06 PM
Caroline, you will need some fat. Butter will do.

Carmen, how does altitude effect baking?
# Posted By Jimmy R | 3/5/13 1:56 PM
Can I make this in the form of a loaf instead of individual muffins?
# Posted By Danielle | 4/8/13 2:45 PM
You can, but it might be a challenge for the middle to to cook without the exterior becoming dry.
# Posted By Jimmy R | 4/8/13 3:45 PM
I followed the recipe exactly too and they turned out spongy. They weren't bad but spongy and kind of wet is exactly how I would describe them.
# Posted By Tessa | 5/13/13 3:52 PM
Is this considered paleo or clean eating too?
# Posted By Solana | 5/22/13 3:30 PM
It is. I follow a paleo diet. However, I do think of baked goods as treats.
# Posted By JImmy R | 5/27/13 2:23 PM
Just made these and I love them. My kids would prefer them sweeter - can I add honey to them?
# Posted By Johanna S | 6/11/13 2:52 PM
You certainly may. I was simply trying to come up with a recipe that required no additive sweeteners.
# Posted By Jimmy R | 6/12/13 2:09 PM
Do you think I can substitute the bananas for apple sauce/puree?
# Posted By Daniela | 6/17/13 6:09 PM
Absolutely, Daniela.
# Posted By Jimmy R | 6/17/13 8:01 PM
Yummy! Oh another great recipe from your site to add to my treasure chest of scrumptious recipes :) Thank-you for all of your time and energy into your site, I very much appreciate all of your recipes as it has become a staple for trying new recipes. Here is something to remember for all those fellow recipe seekers who have trouble with a recipe, food for thought before posting your frustration :)
“ one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”
~ Julia Child
# Posted By Paulett; | 7/7/13 6:47 PM
Can these muffins be frozen?
# Posted By patty | 8/20/13 2:38 PM
I would suggest you not freeze them.
# Posted By Jimmy | 8/23/13 1:58 PM
I just want to mention that I have frozen these successfully. I freeze them in packs of 2 per zip bag -- squeezing out as much air as I can. Of course, they don't stay in the freezer for very long ... maybe 2 weeks at the most. But they thaw out and are still quite delicious. I love this recipe!
# Posted By Mary Emfield | 8/28/13 10:30 AM
I made these last night and they are awesome. I didn't have banana so I used apple sauce and a little honey. I will definitely make them again. I think I will try other fruit or peanut butter or chocolate chips.
# Posted By Linda | 9/6/13 11:53 PM
Made these muffins this morning! Without sweetener they are pretty good. I think next time I might use cranberries and apple sauce in leiu of blueberries and banana as they are a little sweeter. A little honey is probably a good addition for those people who are looking for something sweet.
# Posted By nicole | 10/17/13 3:15 PM
Great recipe! I only used 5 eggs also with good results. I omitted lemon zest, juice, and blueberries. I was craving chocolate so I added mini chocolate chips, yum!
# Posted By Hannah | 10/30/13 2:59 PM
I forgot to mention I used butter instead of coconut oil. A previous comment asked about that, so believe me butter is a great substitute. Thanks for this awesome basic recipe. I love that it has no added sugar :)
# Posted By Hannah | 11/1/13 11:54 AM
Wow... I am blown away by this response. Love hearing all of this feedback!
# Posted By Jimmy R | 11/1/13 3:25 PM
are you supposed to melt the coconut oil before adding it?
# Posted By Jeremy | 1/8/14 12:48 PM
Yes, melt the oil first.
# Posted By Jimmy R | 1/10/14 2:38 AM
What's the macro nutrition facts for 1 muffin?
# Posted By Greg | 1/16/14 9:26 PM
Absolutely delicious! Used blackberries and orange juice with orange rind. Also used 5 versus 6 eggs.
# Posted By S. K. | 1/21/14 7:04 PM
I just made these muffins and they are great. I did add three tablespoons of maple syrup since the batter seemed to me to need a little bit of sweetness. I will definitely try with other berries and fruits as well.
# Posted By Nina | 1/29/14 5:41 PM
Please could you let me know how much roughly half a cup is in grams? In England we have a variety of sizes of mugs and cups for tea, so I'd rather try and get it accurate by weighing - thanks!
# Posted By Claire E | 2/21/14 10:34 AM
Claire - the measuring cup system varies way too much (personally I'm much more inclined to use the weight system but it's hard getting some people on board with that...)

Here's a good basic outline of the conversions:
# Posted By Sarah S. | 2/21/14 10:45 AM
These turned out decent. I omitted the lemon per my husband's request, and I think the lemon would have taken these from decent to delicious. They didn't really rise like muffins for me, more flat mini cakes, but overall, I'm happy with them and would try again next time with the lemon :)
# Posted By Rebecca H | 6/18/14 8:45 PM
This muffin was very good and easy to make.
Zest of lemon was perfect.
# Posted By Young Seon | 7/1/14 11:32 PM
Wow-this recipe knocked it out of the park! Husband raved over these blueberry muffins saying they were really light and tasty. I gave two to the young man installing our new AC. He is 18 and pronounced them "the best blueberry muffins he has ever eaten!" I added 2-3 Tablespoons artificial sweetener, 2 Tablespoons (to taste) of honey and pecans instead of walnuts. And slightly more blueberries. I will make this our "go to" blue berry muffin recipe. Thanks so much.
# Posted By Andrea | 7/28/14 1:35 PM
Very happy to hear!
# Posted By Jimmy R | 7/28/14 3:05 PM

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