Super Walnut Coconut Oil Fudge Recipe photo
Super Walnut Coconut Oil Fudge Recipe
photo by recipe author

Servings: 16
Preparation Time: 15 minutes


  • extra 3/4 cup rough chopped raw walnuts

In a food processor, blend 1 cup walnut pieces, cacao powder, softened coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt together. Reserve 3/4 cup walnuts for garnish.

Line a small square dish with parchment paper. I used a tupperwear container that was 4"x5" lined with a parchment paper.

Scoop the fudge batter into square dish. Top with chopped walnuts, pushing some in as you go, and add a finishing layer. Freeze for an hour or more.

Chop into squares, ENJOY! Tastes amazing when chilled or right out of the freezer! (Best stored in the freezer).

*NOTE: You can use virgin coconut oil, OR if you are sharing this raw super fudge with someone who does not care for coconut flavors, you can use expeller pressed coconut oil which is virtually tasteless.

Recipe submitted by Andrea, Willamina, OR

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Hi -- Looks great and I really want to try it. However, it doesn't mention how much walnut oil to use. Please let me know. --- Thanks, Joy
# Posted By Joy B | 1/17/14 3:09 PM
Question - you list adding walnut oil in directions, yet it's not listed in ingredients nor how much.
# Posted By Jay | 1/17/14 3:10 PM
There appears to have been a typo and has been corrected until the recipe author comments on the mysterious walnut oil ingredient!

Update: walnut oil was indeed a typo. Enjoy the recipe!
# Posted By Sarah S. | 1/17/14 4:51 PM
Sorry about the typo! I sometimes do add 1 tablespoon of walnut or pumpkin seed oil to this fudge, but most of the time I do not! It is totally not necessary! Hope you all enjoy this!! It is SUPER EASY and DIVINE! Just keep it chilled!
# Posted By Andrea | 1/17/14 9:48 PM
I just made it .It is delicious.Next time I will add orange or mint extract
# Posted By Renata S | 1/18/14 3:48 PM
No I think it's correct - walnut oil is not mentioned in the recipe but coconut oil is! It looks yummy, I can't wait to try it :)
# Posted By Genevieve | 1/18/14 4:50 PM
1/2 a cup of oil
# Posted By Laurie | 1/18/14 9:16 PM
Question: Is it 1 cup total of walnuts, using 1/4 cup blended in and 3/4 cup as garnish? OR is it 1 3/4 cups total?
# Posted By Elizabeth | 1/19/14 6:25 AM
I'm confused - you say to put 1 cup walnuts in the processor with the other ingredients, then say to reserve 3/4 c walnuts. So should I put 1/4 walnuts with the other ingredients in the food processor, or do I need 1 3/4 c walnuts altogether?
# Posted By Jenny | 1/19/14 8:29 AM
Any idea of the nutritional value of this batch, please?
# Posted By Misha | 1/19/14 11:39 AM
It looks like there is a step involving marvelling for the fudge as some of it is white. Also not sure if the total is 1 cup of walnuts and only 1/4 cup goes into recipe? And the reserved walnuts is 3/4 cup.
# Posted By Yvonne | 1/19/14 2:07 PM
Hey guys! Please re-read the ingredients above! You will see the main base ingredients with the "1 cup of raw walnuts". Then one line below the main ingredient list you will also see "Garnish: 3/4 cup walnuts" listed as a separate ingredient. So yes, 1 cup plus 3/4 cup. But the garnishing of extra walnuts for crunch is not required in the base fudge.

Very sorry that isn't coming across clearly to you all! There really needs to be one more bullet point next to the words "Garnish 3/4 cup walnuts"
# Posted By Andrea | 1/19/14 11:59 PM
The ingredients list clearly says ( 1 cup walnut pieces) then " garnish with 3/4 cup walnuts." What is the confusion? What did I miss?
# Posted By Alma | 1/20/14 1:44 PM
Fair enough but to be precise it says "reserve 3/4 cups walnuts for garnish and the actual ingredient listing does not state to entire amount of ingredients. But if ya wanna be rude then ok! I only asked a question not trying cause an international incident over walnuts...hola!
# Posted By Yvonne | 1/20/14 8:17 PM
Bullets noting all ingredients are better thanks for clarification, was only a question to ensure I had it clear. Don't really worry about other interpretations! Thanks for clarification...
# Posted By Yvonne | 1/20/14 8:22 PM
This is delicious! And it was super easy to make. Thank you.
# Posted By Christa | 1/21/14 7:36 PM
I think the ingredient list is being updated as the comments are posted.
# Posted By Jenny | 1/21/14 11:26 PM
Do you think that I could use raw honey instead of maple syrup?
# Posted By Suzanne | 1/22/14 9:56 AM
So glad you enjoyed it Jenny! And also Renata, it would be fabulous with mint or orange oil! This is a favorite in our house and with my catering clients!

Yvonne, if you give this recipe a go, I really hope you enjoy it!! Again, sorry for the confusion earlier! It breaks my little recipe heart when recipes don't come across clearyl, so sorry!

Suzanne you can totally use honey if you would like. I have just found that for the most part maple syrup integrates better with the chocolates I make, and when I use honey it sometimes goes together like "oil and water" especially when I mix honey with raw cacao butter, a very tricky bond if trying to produce a professional-like candy bar that is shelf stable. But there is no raw cacao butter in this recipe, so the honey in this fudge should be fine!

I make raw chocolates and cater for a living, and have found that maple syrup always produces the best, smoothest and most like "store bought" chocolates for me. But you are free to use any sweetener you'd like.
# Posted By Andrea | 1/22/14 10:13 AM
Yvonne, it wasn't my intent to be rude. I apologize if it came off that way. I will admit, this recipe was the most confusing one I have come across in a while.
# Posted By Alma | 1/22/14 2:19 PM
I used the is in the freezer. Can't wait to surprise my family after dinner. I took a taste....yummmmmm!
# Posted By Suzanne | 1/22/14 5:17 PM
Just made this. It's chilling in the freezer as I type, so I can't yet speak to the finished product, but it tastes wonderful straight out of the blender! My one-year-old and three-year-old also loved it and kept asking for "more chocolate." I think this will be a recipe I make over and over. Thanks for sharing!
# Posted By Brenda | 1/22/14 7:08 PM
I made this last night and tasted a piece this afternoon from the freezer. Its so good! The texture is amazing and creamy and the flavor is so rich. Its perfect for a chocolate fix. I did not melt or soften my coconut oil, just put it in the food processor with everything else and it turned out great.
# Posted By Sandra | 1/23/14 4:57 PM
This is some AMAZING stuff! I do have a question. I may have blended it too long (maybe 3 minutes) but mine "weeped" a white residue that I couldn't blend back in, cold it looks sort of hazy and not as pretty as pictured. But still tastes great! Any idea what may have happened? I can't wait to share with friends... as soon as I get it as gorgeous as pictured! Thank you for the recipe.
# Posted By Jeradawn | 1/31/14 8:54 PM
Some of us do not care for maple, I am just wondering ho obvious the maple flavor turns out to be. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the recipe already
# Posted By Irmgard | 1/31/14 9:38 PM
Wow! Looked so delish! Thank you for sharing. Love coconut oil. Good for everything, skin, hair, cooking and etc..
# Posted By Wen | 2/6/14 8:45 AM
Can this be made without walnuts? Or should I use another nut? I am alergic to walnuts, but I would love to make this!
# Posted By Kathy | 2/6/14 1:17 PM
Can I substitute coconut creme in this recipe?
# Posted By sonymarie | 2/10/14 8:52 AM
Best 'candy' recipe ever!!!! :)
# Posted By My | 2/13/14 10:32 AM
I tried this with coconut creme(see previous comment) it worked great. I did not use honey but a small of Stevia with the correct amount of water to replace the maple syrup. I also mixed by hand with no trouble. Above all worked great and I am gluten free and sugar free!
# Posted By sonymarie | 2/15/14 7:23 AM
Amazing! We loved it. Divine to day the lest. I have my kids snd myslf now on a healthy only diet. Feel amazing cause recipes like this give you that satisfaction of comfort food without hurting your body snd brain
# Posted By Leah | 2/19/14 9:44 AM
It was mixing beautifully smooth till I added the vanilla it then looked curdled sort of.
# Posted By Leslie G | 5/12/14 7:19 PM
Sonymarie, could you give me your recipe using the coconut creme & stevia please. What kind of Stevia, liquid concentrate or powder concentrate? What did you mean by the water, do you have a way to substitute maple syrup with stevia/water. I, too, am sugar free along with gluten free. Thanks in advance! Maybe Andrea, the author, has a good answer for me? Thank you.
# Posted By Jean | 7/18/14 10:52 PM

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